Jessie Bowman receives inhome from Coach "O"

Jessie Bowman (DT, Co Linn CC, MS) - The 6' 0", 305 pound defensive tackle was named 1st Team All-American this week by JC Grid Wire after collecting 83 tackles, 14 for losses, and 2 sacks for the season.

And more importantly he helped his team turn around a 3-6 campaign to a state championship appearance this season.

"We play Georgia Military Aca Saturday in Brunswick, GA for our bowl game. We are pretty excited about it," added Jessie Bowman.

What is Bowman feeling knowing this will be his last game to play for Co-Lin?

"It is kind of sad, to be truthful, but I am ready to start making some money. I just know this is my last step in this stage of my life, then it is time for college, which gets me one more step closer to playing in the league."

Jessie's recruitment has really picked up as of late and he received his first inhome visit on Sunday.

"Ole Miss came by Sunday. They brought Coaches Orgeron, Saunders, and Hughes. It went real good. I learned a lot about their program. They are very interested in me because the first home they came to was mine. That showed me all I needed to know. They came right off of the plane and straight to my house. That showed how much they wanted me, for me to be their first recruit to see."

What did the Ole Miss staff discuss with Jessie?

"It was all about academics. We talked about how they got a plan for me to graduate in December."

Does Jessie now believe he will graduate in December?

"Oh yes, I am getting out in December."

When will Bowman take his official visits?

"I am going to Ole Miss next weekend (12/8) and Miami after that (12/15). I went to MSU (11/17) a few weeks back."

What does Jessie think about the Miami staff being let go?

"They did not let their whole staff go because Coach Pun came down and talked to me today. He told me about the situation that is going on with their head coach. He said they will have one in place by next week. He told me I could come in there and start because their DT's are gone, and it takes a special player to start for their defensive line, and I have the potential to be that guy."

Which college does Jessie feel like is giving him the most attention?

"They all want me equally. They are all saying real good things."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I want to come in and play right off of the bat. I do not want to sit on the bench. I know it takes hard work, but I am willing to do it. I will put in two strong years and get to the league on national TV."

Due to all three colleges telling Jessie he has a chance to start next season; what will be the next factor?

"The team atmosphere. I know all about MSU, so now I want to look at how it is at Ole Miss and Miami."

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