Orgeron pays Jeramie Griffin a visit

Jeramie Griffin (LB, South Panola, MS) -'s #3 fullback in the country had a couple of visitors come by his school this week.

"Coaches Orgeron and Hughes came and talked to me at school on Wednesday," stated Jeramie Griffin.

What was discussed?

"Well, nobody had been calling me from Ole Miss for the last couple of months, so we talked about that mostly."

Why did Ole Miss quit keeping in contact?

"The explained everything to me. It was a little something at school, a problem at school. But we got everything straightened out. I feel real good about everything now. I am glad they came to see me. I was wondering what was going on, but now I know why."

After the three discussed their private issues, they got down to football talk.

"They talked to me about when when I get up there next year and how I can help their team accomplish their goals. I really like how they plan on utilizing me."

And how will the Rebels utilize Griffin?

"They want to play me at both tailback and fullback. They think I am real versitale. I have good hands, I can block, and I have tailback speed. Coach Orgeron told me he is looking for someone to pound the ball, and that is what I do best."

Where does Jeramie now stand with his commitment with Ole Miss?

"Everything is straight. All my questions were answered. I love their staff and how they coach. I just feel at home at Ole Miss. I have been going over there to their games since I was a little kid and I have a lot of family who played for Ole Miss. It's home."

Although Jeramie says he still plans on signing with Ole Miss; he still wants to check out a few more schools.

"I think I am going to take some more visits and see what is out there. I am satisfied with Ole Miss, but I do not have anymore information on the other schools."

Which colleges, besides Ole Miss, are keeping in touch with Griffin?

"MSU is about the only one."

Griffin has not scheduled any official visits because NCAA rules state that a prospect must have a recorded ACT/SAT score before visiting.

"I am taking the ACT test for the first time next weekend."

Does Jeramie know where his GPA stands?

"I have not checked on that yet, but I plan on getting to that after the season is over. I am doing well in school though."

Tomorrow South Panola has a chance to 4 peat and win their 60th game in a row when they face Meridian in the Class 5A finals. What is Griffin thinking right now.

"Impatient, very impatient. I just keep staring at the clock, waiting to get on that bus. We are not going to do anything different. We will do our routine things, nothing out of whack. Everything is still the same."

Griffin has 1, 245 rushing yards and 18 TD's on the season, but he feels like this is his worst season yet.

"I do not think I improved, not a bit. This year would have to be my worst season yet at the "U" (University of South Panola). I think I could have done a lot better."

Regardless of Jeramie's disappointment in his game; he still takes a lot from his senior campaign.

"It really taught me how to be a leader and teach the younger guys what it takes to win, so they can show the younger guys what it takes when they get to be seniors."

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