OM expected to host 12 recruits this weekend

To view the list of prospects are expected to take an official visit to Ole Miss this weekend, read below.

December 8 - 10, 2006
WR Co-Eric Riley (juco) (MSU) ****
OL Bradley Sowell (Ole Miss) *** #63
DT Jessie Bowman (juco) ****
DE .Stanley Porter (Ole Miss) *** #75
DE *Larry Dennis ** juco

LB Isaiah Smith (Ole Miss) ** #46
LB Johnathan Frink *** #27
LB Malachi Lewis **** #8

LB Marshall Williams (Auburn) *** #40
S Jamison Hughes (Ole Miss) *** #67
CB Jamariey Atterberry (MSU) *** #75
CB Allen Bell (juco) ***

Special Note

This list is fluid and will most likely change between now and Friday, as it is very common for the staffs and kids to reschedule or cancel visits.

* Indicates they are expected to graduate in December.

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