Bell leaning to Ole Miss

Independence CC standout cornerback and track star Allen Bell said his official visit to Ole Miss this weekend got off to a surprsing start and never went downhill. He says he is now a "lean" to the Rebels. Read about it inside.

When Independence CC Cornerback Allen Bell stepped off his flight from Kansas to Memphis Friday, he went to the baggage claim area and had to do a double-take.

Also collecting their bags were none other than Wrestler Hulk Hogan and his daughter, aspiring diva Brooke.

"Man, that was cool," said Bell, a 6-1 (some say 6-2), 195-pounder who prepped at Rickards High School in Tallahassee, FL. "Right there, standing right next to me, was Hulk and Brooke. I watch their reality show all the time and there they were. I got my picture with Hulk, who wasn't as big as I thought he would be, and Brooke, who was as tall as I am. It was cool."

From there, according to Bell, the trip never let up.

"Everything was what I was hoping it would be at Ole Miss. I had a great time. Everyone was cool - the coaches, the players, the people that were in town we saw," he continued. "I enjoyed everything about it, really. The town was not very crowded because most all the students have gone home for Christmas break, but I could tell it's a really cool town with things to do. I had my camera with me at all times and took a lot of shots. Everyone had a good time."

Bell, who left Oxford early this morning to catch an early flight back to Kansas, had his one-on-one meeting with Reb Coach Ed Orgeron yesterday.

"Coach O did not try to pressure me at all, but I basically told him Ole Miss is probably where I will end up. I just have to let the visit sink in and give it some clear thinking," he said. "I am definitely leaning to Ole Miss."

Bell will fly back to Kansas today and then fly to his hometown of Tallahassee "around the 15th."

"I'm supposed to visit Nebraska next weekend, but now I am debating that. I'm not sure if I will go or not. If I take any more visits, it may be in January. I had such a good time at Ole Miss, I'm having a hard time convincing myself there's any need to visit anywhere else," he continued.

Bell says he's down to Ole Miss, Nebraska and Louisville, with the heavy lean to the Rebs.

"I just need to let everything soak in a while and Coach O said he can let me do that," he stated.

In terms of football at Ole Miss, Bell likes his opportunity, should he choose to become a Rebel.

"I already know I like all the people involved in the football program and I love the central location and how nice the facilities are," he said. "Coach O and Coach (Chris) Rippon showed me the depth chart at corner and showed me my opportunity for early playing time, which is important to me. And playing in the SEC, well that may be the biggest draw of all."

Allen's size coupled with his 10.5 100 meter and 4.39 40 speed make him a rare commodity, physically.

"I'm big enough and strong enough to take away some advantages some bigger wide receivers have and I have always felt I can run with anyone," he closed. "I have good movement for a bigger corner."

A big corner who can move is certainly something the Rebels could use.

Will it be Allen Bell? It sure sounds like the strong possibility is there.

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