Hughes, as expected, keeps Reb commit

Jamison Hughes has been "hanging around" Ole Miss ever since his Father, Tony, became the safety coach at Ole Miss 2 years ago. He plays at Oxford HS and committed to the Rebs back in the summer. But he finally took his official visit this weekend, reaffirming his commitment - as expected - to the Rebs.

When prospects travel to a school for an official visit, they get a check for mileage.

CB Jamison Hughes, the Rebel commitment from Oxford who is also Assistant Coach Tony Huhees' son, didn't feel like he broke the bank with his travel money.

"I got $6," laughed Jamison, "but I had a great time."

Jamison lives roughly five miles from campus and is a frequent visitor to the IPF to see his Dad, but an official visit was important to him.

"It was good to go through all the orientation about academics. We spent most of Friday on that and I learned some things I needed to know about my college education," he said. "When I committed, I already knew Ole Miss was good academically, but I got to see things first-hand this weekend."

The other aspect he was glad to get a closer look at was how he interacted with his future teammates, both recruits on campus with him and returning players.

"I already knew a lot of the guys on the team, but I got to hang with them more Friday night and Saturday night. That was fun - to get to know them better and see that I fit in," he explained. "I also hung out with several of this weekend's recruits and they were all cool guys. I enjoyed the social part of the weekend, which was also important to me.

"I see a togetherness on this team that is exciting. It's almost like high school, where everyone is pulling for everyone. That's what it's all about."

Jamison's exposure via early recruiting and his Dad being one of the assistant coaches has been full, but he was glad to tie up some "loose ends" he had in his mind.

"You want to feel like you belong and you fit. I belong and I fit. I sort of knew that coming in for the visit, but the visit put everything to rest," he continued.

In his visit with Coach Ed Orgeron yesterday, Jamison said he was very comfortable.

"I had an advantage. I already know Coach O, but sitting down talking to him one-on-one was cool," Hughes noted. "He told me he was thankful I have stuck with him and that I had a good chance of playing early in my career.

"He also told me something that was very important to me. He told me I will be treated like any other player and that's what I want. I don't want to be favored because my Dad coaches here. I just want to be treated like everyone else."

In short, the official visit of one Jamison Hughes went just as he hoped it would.

"Everything was perfect. There were no negatives. I have made the right choice," he closed.

Jamison, a 6-1, 195-pounder with 4.5 speed, is a three-star recruit, according to

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