Sowell puts his recruiting hat on

Bradley Sowell (OL, Hernando, MS) - The 6' 7", 340 pound giant had one objective when he came on his official visit to Ole Miss.

"I came down there to get some recruits to join me," added Bradley Sowell. I did a lot of recruiting. This weekend was all about me trying to get some players over there."

And how did his efforts go?

"I think we are going to get (Jamariey) Atterberry. If he has not committed yet, he will. I know he wanted to tell Coach Croom first that he was going to Ole Miss before he committed, so he might not commit before he leaves, but he will be a Rebel. I promise you that. I think we will eventually get (Johnathan) Frink, and I feel good about (Marshal) Scottie Williams. I think every guy that came on the visit they can get, if they have a spot for them. But Frink is a must have. They are going to save a spot for him. Frink's parents are very into his recruitment. They are all Ole Miss, but his parents want him to see some different schools just to make sure he has been exposed to everywhere before he commits. Frink was joking with us telling us to not worry about anything, he was coming. Kenny Rowe had a real good time, and Allen Bell, I think we will for sure get him. He is like Atterberry."

Sowell was hosted by Conner Wise.

"He is like Coach Orgeron said, the ultimate team player. Conner knows he will most likely never play at Ole Miss, but he is one of those guys that just likes to make everybody better on the team. He is a total team player, just an awesome guy. I got his phone number. We got very close during my visit."

Bradley has been to Ole Miss on numerous occasions so there was not a whole lot new to learn, but there were a couple of new things that stood out.

"I got a chance to get more familiar with the campus. I know where all of my classes are going to be now. I got familiar with the layout. I also saw how organized the education part is there. I mean, you have to try to not pass with how organized they have it over there. But what I enjoyed most was just hanging out with the guys and coaches. We have some of the coolest players at Ole Miss. I hung out with Brent Schaeffer the whole night. He is real cool. You can tell he is the leader of the team. Everybody likes Brent. I also got to hang out with Coach Kehoe. My mom got real close to Coach Kehoe and his wife. I think Coach Kehoe is higher on me than what other's think. He said I am the perfect guy he is looking for. I think I am going to be at least 2nd team next year."

How did Sowell's 1 on 1 meeting with Coach Orgeron go?

"He had all of his championship rings laid out, and he presented his plan for how he was going to get Ole Miss to the national championship. He was all fired up. It got me fired up. He told me who all we were playing next year and our plan to beat each team. He just got down to business. But basically, his message is that if you were good enough, you will play. It does not matter if you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. The best player plays. But, even if you are better than somebody else, if you do not put out every day in practice, you will not play."

The official visit did nothing but solidify Bradley's commitment.

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