Isaiah is ready to make an impact for OM

Isaiah Smith (LB, Columbia, TN) - One of Ole Miss' key linebacker recruits came into his official visit as a solid commitment and left in the same fashion.

"I felt right at home. I already knew I was coming before I came on my visit, but this just made me feel more sure of my decision. There is no question I am coming," added Isaiah Smith.

If there was one thing that stuck out in Smith's mind, or should we say stomach, it would be?

"The food was great. I am still full (laugh). We ate all day and night and it was some good grub too. I think I put on 5 (pounds) good ones."

How did the rest of the visit go?

"Great. My mom, dad, and brother came with me. They all like Ole Miss a lot. This is like our fourth time to come down there this Fall. Everybody loves it down there. It is a safe environment with great coaches, academic support, and a program that is on the rise. But what I really enjoyed the most about my trip were the players. We just chilled all weekend. I fit right in with that group."

Who was Smith's player host?

"Bruce Gall. He told me about the school and took me over to some player's houses. I met the other two linebacker recruits they brought in. It was me and a guy named Scottie (Marshall Williams) and (Johnathan) Frink. We did not know each other before we came on the visit, but we felt a chemistry together and hung out the whole weekend. Williams said he was down to Ole Miss and South Carolina. And Frink said he really likes Ole Miss, but he wanted to take a couple more visits first, but I think he will come to Ole Miss. He said we were going to make a great tandem at Ole Miss."

Smith is not one to take his books lightly, as he carries a 3.65 Core GPA and a 19 on the ACT.

"I did not know the classes were so close together. Most colleges, you have to get on a bus to get to your classes, but they are within a 5 minutes walk. I really liked that part. I met with my academic advisor and went over everything with him. They really have everything mapped out for you up there. They are serious about their players getting a good education and that is what I am really looking for. Football only last for so long."

Smith had a chance to watch some film during the trip.

"My, Frink, and Scottie watchedsome film with Coach Saunders on Saturday. He told us about the different drills and blitz packages they use. He wanted us to start studying them now so we do not think on the field. He wants it to be all natural for us. That is how they want us to play."

Isaiah had a good one on one meeting with Coach Orgeron before he left.

"My meeting with Coach Orgeron went great. We talked about how thin they are at LB with Rory and Willis no longer there. He said all of the LB slots were open, and that this summer will be real important for all of us to try and get a spot. I am going to get there in June. He told me that all of the freshmen LB's would play. Coach said they moved Jamarca Sanford and Allen Walker to LB for Spring practice, but they were natural safeties and they are going to move them back to safety when the freshmen LB's get there this summer."

Smith had 102 tackles, 18 for losses, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 recovery during his senior campaign. He was named 1st Team All-Region and is waiting for the State awards to be released.

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