'I enjoyed the Southern Hospitality'

Kenny Rowe (DE, Long Beach, CA) - Scout.com's #16 nationally rated DE had his first glimpse of the Deep South over the weekend.

"Ole Miss was cool. It was everything I was hoping it would be. Everybody is just so nice down there. I guess that was the biggest thing, how friendly the people are down there. I guess that is what they mean by Southern Hospitality," added Kenny Rowe.

The 4 Star DE traveled alone, but learned plenty about the Ole Miss players and coaches on the trip.

"Allen Walker was my host, he was real cool. He introduced me around to everyone. The players I met were all cool, and the coaches were real hyped. They get into it over there."

What stood out the most during the visit?

"I enjoyed looking at their facilities and chilling with the players. The two things I wanted to know about before I went on my trip were their facilities and depth chart. Their facilities are real nice, real nice, and I know I can come in there and play if I sign with them. All of my questions were pretty much answered."

Kenny had a chance to sit down with Rebel head coach, Ed Orgeron, before he went back home.

"It went cool. He just asked me how I was liking my trip, and I told him I liked it down there."

Where does Ole Miss now stand with Rowe?

"They are up there."

Who else is "up there"?

"California, Oregon, USC, and Fresno State."

Now that Rowe has taken official visits to Arizona, California, and Ole Miss, where will Rowe visit next?

"I am going to Fresno State on January 19th, and I will probably take a trip to Oregon sometime in January too."

Rowe is on course to become a full qualifier with a 2.65 Core GPA / 790 SAT (old test format)

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