'I fit right in with Ole Miss'

Larry Dennis (DL, Compton CC, CA) - The 6' 2", 265 pound defensive linemen had a chance to step foot on Mississippi soil for the first time this past weekend.

What were his thoughts?

"Well, I grew up in Florida, so it is not much different than what I am use to," added Larry Dennis. "I just knew it was somewhere I wanted to be before I am even came on the trip, but now that I have seen everything, I can't believe how nice it is over there. I just can't wait to get over there later this month."

Brandon Jenkins was Dennis' player host and the two seemed to have hit it off pretty well.

"That boy is a trip. I thought I was the jokester. I have nothing on him. Brandon is a lot of fun. We just clicked right from the start. He is a character, man. I could not have had a better host. We are already talking about rooming together in the Spring."

How did Larry fit in with the Ole Miss players and coaches?

"I fit right in with them. They have some nice coaches and players. The visit was great. The academic part was really detailed. They took us around a tour of the new Fed Ex academic support center, and we met with our academic councilors. Then on Saturday, we looked at all of the football facilities. The coaches are very enthusiastic over there. Coach Orgeron is real in touch with his players. They are all real hyped, their staff. Everything is quick with a lot of energy. I liked that."

When asked what stood out the most during his visit, Dennis was quick to answer.

"Their stadium. We had a game day schedule Saturday. We went to the hotel they stay in the night before a game. We had a pregame meeting just like they do before their games. We went into the locker room and put on our jersey and took some pictures. Then we ran out on the field just like they do on game day. That was real cool. I really liked that part about my visit."

Dennis likes the opportunities at Ole Miss that lies in front of him.

"Me and coach Orgeron had a good talk before I left. He wanted to know if my commitment was solid, and I told him he had nothing to worry about. We went over the depth chart, and I saw where they had a freshman playing last year at the 5 spot, DE. It is up for grabs. He said may the best man win the job in the Spring. That is all that I ask for. I feel like they are recruiting me to play. I am a juco guy, so they do not recruit you with plans of you sitting on the bench."

Larry's teammate, Lamar Brumfield, will be joining him in the Spring.

"I am going to tell him that Ole Miss is everything that you expect it to be. I was surprised at how many people knew my name. All around campus and town people just knew who I was. That made me feel good and wanted."

When Dennis committed to Ole Miss; other colleges began to turn up the heat.

"Purdue and UNLV both offered me after I committed (to Ole Miss) but I am going to sign with Ole Miss. Nebraska wants me to come in for an official visit too, but I am not going. I already had an official visit set up with UNLV for this weekend (12/15), so I am going to honor that. I am going to take it just to take it."

Did Coach Orgeron know about Larry's official visit?

"Yea I told him. He ain't worried. He shouldn't be. I just want to see Vegas. I have never been."

Dennis had 82 tackles and 11 sacks this season. He was named 1st Team All-Conference and was named Honorable Mention All-American for the second year in a row.

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