Stanley Porter is ready to be a Rebel

Stanley Porter (DL, Rosedale, MS) - The 6' 3", 245 pound West Boliver product has been a firm commitment from day one and the official visit that Stanley took over the weekend did nothing to change his mind.

"The trip was even better than I was expecting. I was excited to be there. They gave us a good view of the campus. It is a beautiful campus. I was already sure of my decision before I visited, but I am even more sure of it now. Exciting times are ahead for me at Ole Miss," added Stanley Porter.

Porter had a chance to take his mother over to Ole Miss for the first time.

"She was very excited about it. I think she was more excited that I was. She had a lot of fun. Mom thinks this is the type of environment I need to be around, and she has a lot of trust in their coaches. She could not be anymore happier with my decision. She joked around with me, telling me she might move over there with me (laugh)."

What else did Stanley learn about Ole Miss that maybe he did not from before?

"I just like the campus a lot. I like the dorm I will be living in. It was real nice. My living conditions are going to be really nice. I also learned where my classes are going to be. They are not that far apart, which makes it easier on me. The Fex Ex academic support center is going to be really helpful for us too. They showed us the blue print and that was a strong power point. They are going to really give us a lot of support, academically."

Who was Porter's host over the weekend?

"Cecil Frison was my host. He told me he would take care of me and said he was always just a call away. Cecil is a real good guy, just down to earth."

How did Stanley's one on one meeting go with Coach Orgeron?

"Great, we just talked about different things and what I have to do to qualify. I am already qualified, but I can not go any lower with my grades from here on out."

Did Stanley get a feel as to how the other recruits were enjoying their visits?

"The other recruits were as happy as I was. We all got a long real well and were ready to be a Rebel. Everybody loved it."

Porter was named the Delta Touchdown Defensive Lineman of the Year after collecting 51 tackles, 18 for losses, and 11 sacks at the weakside defensive tackle position.

"Stanley had a great season for us," commented West Bolivar head coach, Henry Johnson. "It it were not for Porter, we would not be where we were defensively. We had 7 shutouts this year and our defense kept us in every game. Stanley was tripled team all year, which freed up other people to make the plays. He was a one man wrecking crew out there."

West Bolivar finished the season 12-1 and lost to Calhoun City in double overtime in the North Finals.

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