Recruiting update on Paul Henry

Paul Henry (OL, Ft. Smith, AR) - The 6' 7", 265 pound offensive tackle committed to Ole Miss after a stunning performance in front of the Rebel coaches at their senior football camp.

Paul Henry had a scholarship offer from his home state university, Arkansas, which made the early commitment even more impressive for the Rebels.

How did Paul's senior season go?

"He did good," added North Side head boss, Coach Henry. "We did not do as well as we had hoped. We ended up 5-5 but Paul did an excellent job. I know we did most of running behind him and he really protected Kodi Burns nicely."

Henry graded out at 88% for the year and his head coach believes his strengths lie on his natural athletic ability.

"When you have a kid that is 6' 7", 265 and can run a sub 5.0, well, not many can do that. He is just a natural athlete. His upside is good. Paul's potential is unlimited."

What parts of Henry's game needs worked on?

"Probably the strength side of the game. He plays basketball too and is a great player. But that takes him out of the weight room and keeps that weight off of him. He needs to get bigger and stronger. He can easily hold 300 pounds with that frame of his and not lose much speed."

Things have been quiet on the recruiting front for Paul Henry as of late.

"Since he committed to Ole Miss, everybody pretty much backed off. We have some jucos that are still talking to us, in case he does not pull up his ACT test. But nobody has called since he committed to Ole Miss."

Where does Paul stand with his commitment to the Rebs?

"As far as I know, he has not told me anything differently. He is still committed to Ole Miss."

When will Henry take his official visit to Ole Miss?

"They want to wait until after the end of the semester to get his grades in, and our semester is not over until the first of January. We do not end during the Christmas break, like everybody else. But, they do not want to set up the visit until they get his transcript in. His grades are good, he just needs to get the ACT up. He is retaking it later this month or maybe it is in January. I am not sure, but I know he is signed up for it."


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