Allen Bell update, Part II

When Allen Bell left Ole Miss last weekend after his official visit, he said he was leaning to Ole Miss. He still is, but there is a little confusion for the personable Independence CC cornerback. Read about it inside.

Allen Bell, the speedy 6-1, 195-pound corner and track star from Independence CC in Kansas, said his visit last weekend to Ole Miss was nearly perfect.

"Everything was copasetic - I'm trying to expand my vocabulary - at Ole Miss," he laughed. "I really liked it, but since I have been back in Kansas, I realize I need to get some things to compare Ole Miss to."

The main "thing" will be Louisville, when he visits the Cardinals this weekend after completing his final exams at Independence tomorrow.

"Right now, all I'm thinking about is my big final tomorrow. It's a math course and I need to ace it," Bell, a Tallahassee, FL, native, stated. "Then I will turn my attention to my visit to Louisville. I will go there Friday-Sunday and then fly home to Tallahassee Sunday afternoon from Louisville."

Being from a city similar to Louisville, is there a draw to a bigger place than Oxford?

"No, not at all. I have been in Independence, Kansas. It makes Oxford look like Miami," he joked. "In college, you spend so much time on football and classes that size of the town is not a factor to me.

"What is a factor is Ole Miss is a lot closer to Tallahassee and Pensacola, where some of my relatives live, than Louisville is. Being closer to home does mean something to me.

"I wouldn't say I'm wide open right now, I am leaning to Ole Miss, but I am taking in other things as well to compare."

He's still not sure if he will take his visit to Nebraska in January or not.

"Some people are telling me that since I am a May graduate that I should take my time and take all my visits, but my plan has been to go ahead and decide while I am at home with my Dad and brother during the Christmas break," he explained. "The only people I have been exposed to as far as giving me advice have been coaches and teammates. I want input from the people who will be in my life as long as I'm alive - my relatives.

"If they believe I should take more visits, I might do that. If they listen to me and realize I have basically already picked a favorite, they may tell me to go ahead and commit. It's a wait-and-see deal."

Bell is a big, fast corner with some age and maturity the Rebels are aching for. He will run track - the sprints - in the spring for Independence.

Meanwhile, his last final test of the semester and recruiting are on his mind.

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