Jevan Snead visits Ole Miss

Jevan Snead, the QB from the University of Texas who is transferring after one season as a Longhorn, took an official visit to Ole Miss over the weekend. How did it go? Read about it inside.

Jevan Snead, the talented QB from Stephenville, TX, who went to the University of Texas this fall but has decided to transfer from UT, visited Ole Miss over the weekend.

The 6-3, 215-pounder said - prior to boarding his plane to head back to Longhorn Country this morning - he didn't know what to expect when he came to Oxford Friday, but he was "impressed."

"Ole Miss is a beautiful place. I was very impressed and really a little surprised at the beauty of the campus and the city of Oxford," said Snead, who is also considering Houston and TCU as transfer options. "I was very comfortable in the town. It was quiet because all the students have gone home, but some of the people I hung with told me what it's like when students are on campus and I'm sure they are telling me the truth. Everyone told me it's great during school sessions and I always figure if more than three people tell you something separately, it must be true.

"Just from what I saw and what I felt on my visit, I could fit in well in Oxford and at Ole Miss. There are no drawbacks there that I saw."

Academically, Jevan is undecided on his major, but he also got a good sense of what type of education he could get at Ole Miss.

"Everything about the school academically suited me fine. Ole Miss is a great university that takes pride in a quality education. On my tour of the campus and in my academics meeting, I could tell they care about a student-athlete's education," said the talented QB.

Snead has seen one of the best in terms of athletic facilities at UT, but he was also pleased with what he saw at Ole Miss.

"The indoor facility right by the stadium and practice fields is excellent. As far as football is concerned, you have one location to go to for everything. That's nice," said Jevan, an extremely polite young man.

And the Rebel coaches? He summed it up in one word - passion.

"The energy and passion they have for the game of football is great. I am very compatible with them because I have that kind of passion for football too," he stated.

Jevan was having such a good time at Ole Miss on Friday that he called his Stephenville (TX) high school coach, Chad Morris, and asked him to fly to Oxford Saturday.

"Coach Morris is someone I respect and trust. I had asked him before I came if he would come if I called him and he said he would. I felt he needed to see Ole Miss. I wanted him to see what I was seeing. I trust his opinions and need his feedback in this decision," Snead noted. "He was as impressed as I am with Ole Miss."

There has been concern among the Rebel faithful that the distance from his home in Texas to Oxford may be a factor due to his closeness with his family.

"Distance is a factor. It is a long way by car, but you can jump on a plane and be here in two hours, so I don't see that as a major factor," he clarified.

Snead's plans are simple. As expected, he did not commit to Ole Miss on his visit and he has no definite timeline on making his decision between Houston, TCU and Ole Miss, who are the main players at this time in his recruitment.

"I will go home and talk about it with my parents. We will put the pros and cons of all the schools on a board and make sure about the decision," he closed. "This is very important to me and my family. I do not want to rush into anything.

"But I see no drawbacks in Ole Miss based on my official visit."

Now, we play the waiting game. Will he or won't he become a Rebel? Only Jevan, and time, will tell.

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