Morris discusses Snead

Stephenville High School Coach Chad Morris couldn't stop talking about Jevan Snead, who starred for his high school team during his prep career. Snead is considering transferring to Ole Miss (or Houston or TCU) after playing one fall at Texas. Read what Morris thinks of Snead inside.

It's common knowledge now that Stephenville High School Coach Chad Morris joined Texas QB Jevan Snead on his official visit to Ole Miss over the weekend.

It's common knowledge both had "excellent" visits and Snead's interest in the Rebel program is sincere and very serious.

It's common knowledge Snead will sit down with his family and Coach Morris tonight and try to sift through all of Jevan's choices as thoroughly as possible.

It is also common knowledge the affection Morris has for Snead. After all, how many high school coaches - one year removed - would go on an official visit with a former player? Not many.

Needless to say, we expected nothing but Snead accolades when we called Morris for a brief interview, and that's what we got.

"Let me say this about Jevan - he's the kind of young man I hope my daughter brings home one day," Coach Morris began. "In fact, he babysits my kids from time to time. If you trust someone with your kids, you trust them with your life."

Morris believes Snead is the total package, on and off the field.

"First of all, Jevan is as polite as any young man you will ever be around. He was raised the right way. He says 'yes,sir' and 'no,sir' and is very respectful of everyone," Morris continued. "He's also very intelligent - a National Honor Society student in high school. When you couple being very bright and being very polite, you've got yourself a winner.

"Jevan has high moral values and is someone everyone around here looks up to."

On the field, Morris starts with the mental side of Snead's game.

"As I said, his intelligence is a major asset on the field. He's a perfectionist and loves the game of football. He has a passion for football and is extremely competitive. He's also very thorough in everything he does," Morris added. "When he steps on the field, you know he's in total control of the situation and you know your team is going to perform with him having the ball in his hands.

"In coaching, it's rare to come across a kid who makes everyone around him better, but that's what Jevan does. The 10 guys around him are instantly better because he's going to direct them, lead them and perform for them."

Morris said Jevan's physical attributes are also mind-boggling.

"From the time Jevna was old enough to go to camps, I've heard all the comparisions about his release and arm strength," Morris said. "His release has been compared to people like Dan Marino and Brett Favre. He has incredible arm strength and he gets it out quickly.

"Jevan can also run. He threw for 3500 yards and 31 touchdowns his senior year here, but he also ran for 970 yards and 22 TDs. His strength is throwing the ball, but he can move too."

Morris closed with one line that basically says it all.

"I know it sounds like a cliche', but Jevan is too good to be true. He truly is," Coach Morris closed. "As a person, as a football player and as a leader, Jevan is one of a kind."

When Snead left Ole Miss yesterday, he indicated there was no immediate timetable on his final decision.

In the meantime, the Rebel nation will have a collective, prolonged finger-crossing awaiting the hoped-for news that Snead will be a Rebel.

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