'08 prospect receives written offer from Rebs

Andre Wadley (DE, Hernando, MS) - Next year the State of Mississippi will have several national recruits and one who is expected to be one of them hails from Hernando

Andrew Wadley is listed as 6' 4", 255 and plays defensive end and some outside linebacker. Most predict Andre to end up at end, but Wadley thinks he still can play the linebacker position on the next level.

"I think most recruiters are going to give me a chance at linebacker, but I will play what ever they want me to. I just want to be on the field," added the very soft spoken Andre Wadley.

Where ever he ends up, Andre will be a force, as he has simply dominated for Coach Jenkins' defense the past two seasons. In that time frame, Andre has collected over 200 tackles and 15 sacks. He was named to the All-County, Best of the Preps and All-Metro teams by the Commercial Appeal's in the '05 &'06 seasons for his on the field accomplishments. Andre was also named to the 2006 All-State (coaches) and 1st Team All-Region 2-4A squads.

What makes Wadley's engine go?

"I just make plays. I go hard after it every play. I leave nothing out there on the field. I just try to put in an honest day's worth of work. If I do that, I feel like I have done all I can do."

What would Andre like to work on for the next level?

"I just want to get better at what ever I do. I guess getting faster is the biggest thing, agility wise. Other than that, I just want to get better at everything."

Which colleges are actively recruiting Wadley?

"Coach Jenkins handles all of that. They send the mail to my school. All I know is Ole Miss and MSU are really after me."

Andre received his first written scholarship offer in the mail yesterday morning.

"Ole Miss sent me a scholarship in the mail yesterday morning. I went to school to talk to Coach Jenkins about it. I asked what I should do. I told him that Coaches Freeze and Orgeron offered me. He did not really tell me what to do, but I am not in a hurry to make a decision. I am just going to concentrate on my senior season and try to make my needed ACT score."

Anything stand out about Ole Miss?

"I just went over there to their camp last summer and worked out. It was cool. It was something for me to do to get better, and that is all I am trying to do, get better. I guess I will look into all of that stuff during my senior year. But right now, I have not looked into anybody's program."

Have anymore colleges offered Andre?

"You can say that. I think MSU tried to offer me once. They came up to the school and talked to coach Jenkins about it, but they have not put in writing like Ole Miss did."

Andre's older brother, Johnny Wadley, played at MSU under Jackie Sherrill. Did Andre get a good feeling for MSU during his visits there?

"I went to a couple of the MSU games my freshman year but I was just there watching my brother play. It was not like they were recruiting me or anything. I was just his little brother. I have not been over there in a few years since he left."

What are MSU's positives?

"They are just the same as Ole Miss. I am not sure right now. I do not know much about either program."

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