Allen Bell Update, Part III

After going to Louisville last weekend on an official visit, Independence (Kansas) CC Cornerback Allen Bell has a big decision in front of him during the holidays. Read about it inside.

Will he be a Rebel?

Will he be a Louisville Cardinal?

Will he take more visits after the New Year?

What are the main factors in his decision of which college to continue his football career?

All those questions face Independence Community College Cornerback Allen Bell.

He's pondering them in his Tallahassee home over the Hiliday break.

"Man, I just don't know right now," said Bell, a 6-1, 195-pounder who is rated a 3-star recruit by "I visited Louisville last weekend and had a really good time, I'm a little confused right now."

"I'm really 50-50 between Ole Miss and Louisville."

Bell visited the Rebels two weekends ago and left with an extremely favorable impression. The same could be said for his journey to Louisville.

"I hung out with several guys from Tallahassee who play at Louisville now. Two of them - CB William Gay and RB Colby Smith - are from my high school," Allen stated. "They had really good things to say about the Louisville program."

Gay and Smith are both seniors now, so Bell would not get to play with them, but they urged him to carry the Tallahassee torch for the Cardinals the next two years.

"They were like 'keep it going, man.' We want Tallahassee to be represented by you on the Louisville team," said Bell. "Louisville was different from Ole Miss, but both were really, really good. Like I said, I'm split down the middle right now between the two."

So what's next for the dual-sport star who runs track in the spring?

"I've got a lot of thinking to do. I'm just going to chill for a few days and talk with my Father and my brother, who will be in Tallahassee in a couple of days," he explained. "I'll be in Tallahassee until at least January 8th, maybe a couple of days longer.

"I'm still uncertain if I'll take any more visits, to be honest. I may go to Nebraska in January, or I may not."

At this point, two things are perfectly clear.

Allen Bell is uncertain, if not confused, about his future and Ole Miss is definitely in the hunt for his services.

"My mind keeps going back to the visit to Ole Miss and like I said at the time, it was exceptional," he closed.

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