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We are headed into the home stretch of the recruiting season. Which prospects are still hot on Ole Miss board? Who will the Rebs close this class out with? To find out the answers to all of those questions, read below.

**First lets go over a prospect we were never able to get a hold of after he took his official visit.

The feeling is that LB Malachi Lewis is a long shot to sign with Ole Miss. That could certainly change, but that is the word around the Rebel camp.

They did get a better vibe about DE Kenny Rowe's visit than Malachi and they feel like there is a legit chance to land Rowe.

**As you can imagine, they are making a strong push for RB Joe McKnight, I mean a strong push.

Joe is a "Reggie Bush" type runner. He is a slot guy who can take it 80 on any given play and is more of a slot back than a true tailback.

Robert Elliott is also a home run hitter but is more of a true tailback than Joe, ala Deuce vs Reggie on the Saints. But both bring an added dimension to the team and would make one of the best tandems if not the best duo in the country if they both happened to ink with the Rebs.

My personal gut feeling is that the Rebels are on the outside looking in for Joe, but I would not be surprised at all if they ended up getting a visit. But as I have reported before, Joe has so many award banquets to attend during the official visit weekends and will also play in the Army All-American bowl on next Saturday, so there are lots of schools jockeying for position to get a visit.

Do not totally count the Rebs out for Joe because I know how hard they are going to come after him during the home stretch.

**Rolando Melancon, Lamarcus Williams, Cameron Heyward, Josh Chapman, and Markeno Lee are the top five DT's on the board right now.

They are a little worried about Trooper Taylor's (TN) position with Rolando Melancon right now, but they are going to work their tail off to get in position to land him.

(Breaking news has Rolando just committing to Tennessee, but like some past Louisiana prospects we have seen, commitments have been changed before:)

Lamarcus Williams is a big time DT who the Rebs seem to have made a lot of progress since the Alabama coaching search begun. Williams has his grades and comes from a great family.

I would not be shocked to see them ink Williams when it is all said and done.

Markeno Lee has not been talked about much lately, but I have learned the reason he has not taken his official visit to Ole Miss yet is due to him not having a recorded ACT score, not because they have backed off.

Lee takes the test in early January and will most likely visit on January 12-14, with a slew of other big time prospects.

Cameron Heyward has not mentioned Ole Miss in months during his interviews, but there are some whispers that the Rebs might be more into the game than what is led on.

He is a 4 star DT and is highly recruited. Should be interesting to see if anything pans out with Cameron or not.

I still think the Rebs are on the outside looking in with Heyward, but again, do not be shocked if you hear Ole Miss' name more prominently going into the home stretch.

Josh Chapman seems to be firmly committed to Auburn, but I know Coach Rippon is not going to give up, and we have seen funnier things happen with a school who never says no with a recruit (think back to those Lawrence Lilly days).

The Rebels will continue to watch and see how DT Jeff Boyd's grades progress and remember, Coach Orgeron still has not had his inhome with Drake Nevis if things heat back up with Drake.

**Ole Miss realizes how important it is for them to finish with at least one more big time high school DT and they would sign 2 more big time DT's if possible. But, they are not going to sign 2 just for the sake of signing them because they are so thin at so many positions. Having said that, there are several big time candidates they can turn to so they can fill this need.

**Speaking of a thin position, Jerry Franklin, Danorris Searcy, Fonterrian Ingram, Marcus Green, and Darnell Williams continue to be huge priorities for this class due to their desperate need at safety.

Despite what you read in reports, Ole Miss is more in the game than what is publicly being put out with Searcy and Green.

Searcy has taken his official visit and is saying he is back firmly committed to North Carolina and Marcus Green says he is now firmly committed to MSU.

We still believe it is a better than 50/50 shot with Marcus taking his official visit to Ole Miss and Searcy is long from over, despite what you read.

My personal take is that MSU's inside connection with Green will be too much to overcome, but I would not be shocked to see them land Searcy when it is all said and done, although I would still give Carolina the nod right now.

Jerry Franklin continues to stay committed to Arkansas, and we all know how hard it is to pry away an instate commitment from the Hogs, but I just smell something weird about this one. The Rebs just might be able to do it with Franklin due to proximity and his relationship with Coach Hugh Freeze, who has quickly become one of the top recruiters in the country.

Ingram will take his official visit, most likely, on January 12-14.

We believe Ole Miss could be landing a commitment from Darnell Williams on any given day!

Folks, there is only one returning safety on the team (Jamal Harvey) due to Jamarca Samford and Allen Walker moving to LB during the Fall.

Safety continues to get overlooked by the fans on the message board but this position is the thinnest of all.

**The CB class is rounding out as hoped with Johnny Brown, LeRoy Diggs, and Jamariey Atterberry. Now to put the cherry on top, they would like to add Allen Bell to round out the class.

He says it is 50/50 between Louisville and Ole Miss with a trip to Nebraska still on the horizon. But something still tells me that it will be Ole Miss in the end because he keeps going back to how "homy" it felt during his official visit at Ole Miss. Allen will have 3 to play 3 on the next level, as will juco commitsOG Mark Jean-Louis and LB Lamar Brumfiel.

Do not foget that they are still working on juco CB All-American, Woodny Turenne, as well. But the Gators still look to be the team to beat for one of the fastest players in the country.

**Next in line is the linebacker position.

They have three great commits in Chris Strong, Lamar Brumfield, and Isaiah Smith.

Now they would like to close this thing out with Marshall Williams and Johnathan Frink.

We think that while Marshall is publicly committed to Auburn, the Rebs and South Carolina led for his services. And if signing day were tomorrow, he would ink with the Red and Blue!

Rumors that started on the message board stating that Scottie Williams is a "place" guy are totally off base, as he has a legit chance to qualify.

Scottie stunned the crew at the Mississippi Scout Combine as he was named Defensive MVP for the combine.

He is as athletic as they come, and has "big time" written all over his forehead.

Why do some people call him Scottie and others Marshall?

Marshall is his first name but he goes by Scottie.

Johnathan Frink continues to be a huge priority who the Rebs simply have yet to nail down a commitment from but baby steps continue to be made to get one before it is all said and done.

Stanford is the main competition due to their academics, but we still believe the Rebs are the team to beat for his services.

This one is still too close to call to outright say he is going to be a Reb.

Miami reportedly offered, as did Alabama, but Frink reportedly is not too keen on him living in the city of Miami and Bama's coaching instability was too much for them to overcome.

**Ole Miss continues to put WR/TE Adrien Robinson in the "must have" catagory. Robinson still has the Rebs out in front, but will take a few official visits in January.

**The WR position is shaping up to be one star studded class.

They landed their #1 juco target, A.J. Jackson (who is also the #1 juco prospect in the country, regardless of position) and are in line to land their #1 high school target, Roderick Davis.

Roderick will have his press conference after the Christmas break and all signs point towards Ole Miss!

Will Ole Miss still bring in Rashad Mason if Roderick announces for Ole Miss?

You bet, Rashad is a big time prospect that is simply too good to pass on.

And also remember, some of these athletes/wide receivers/safeties/cornerbacks are versatile enough to play multiple positions if needed.

**The OL class stands at 6 commitments with Bradley Sowell, *Mark Jean-Louis, Paul Henry, Rishaw Johnson, Alex Washington, and Alex Williams.

If Ole Miss decides to hang on to all six of these commits, that will probably close the OL class out, but if they decide to go in another direction due to academic concerns, you could see the Rebs add another OL to the mix or they might just keep what they have because we do not see them backing off of more than one OL commit.

Mike Dykes contunies to be the leading candidate to be added to the mix if they go in that direction.

**Lastly, what would ole Yancy like to see to round this class out?

As I said over and over, Jevan Snead was the key piece of the puzzle for this year's class.

There simply was no way around that issue. They had to ink a big time national QB and now they got their guy.

Check mark goes to that issue.

I have repeated that I was not worried about them rounding out the class with a big time DT or two because of Coach O's credentials on the DL.

But having said that, this is exactly the position I would like for them to fill before signing day.

It is getting crunch time, and I want to see some more "meat" on my plate before now and signing day.

Safety and LB are critical too, but those big lineman are always more hard to come by.

Will somebody pass the "meatloaf" over to my plate?

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