5 Star WR remains rock solid with Rebels

A.J. Jackson (WR, College of Sequoias, CA) - Scout.com's #1 ranked junior college prospect committed to Ole Miss early in the recruiting process after receiving scholarship offers from some of the nation's elite college football programs like USC, UCLA, Florida, Oregon, and Nebraska.

But not once has he ever wavered.

"Nebraska and Oregon still call me a lot trying to get me to come out there for a visit. All my friends are telling me that I am crazy for not going all over the country and taking some free visits, but I am like for what, I already know I am going to Ole Miss. I do not even care what else is out there. I am not taking anymore visits. I know where I am going," added A.J. Jackson.

What makes A.J.'s commitment even more impressive is the fact that he had a chance to play for his home state college, Florida Gators, and the two powerhouses in the state of California, USC and UCLA.

"USC came to one of my games this season. Coach Carrol asked me if I would be interested in helping them win another national championship. I told him I appreciated his interest in me, but I wanted to help Ole Miss win a national championship. He told me that he had a great deal of respect for Coach Orgeron and that he thought he would get them there one day. Coach Myers from Florida use to call me all of the time until he finally got the picture that I was not changing my mind. He was persistent though. I give him that."

Having the chance to play again with one of his best friends and old teammate, Brent Schaeffer, also played a major role in his decision.

"I talked to Brent (Schaeffer) about two weeks ago. It is going to be a dream come true for me to reunite with him. I just can not wait. He called me right before the break. We were talking about how nice it is going to be playing together again next year. He needs me back. I know he did not have anybody down there to go up and get the ball when he was making things happen with his legs. That was big for him last year. We talked a lot about that. We are going to bring a lot of excitement in the SEC next year. Like I said, it is just a dream come true for me to get to play with him again. I think about it all of the time."

Jackson took his official visit to Ole Miss during the football season and the fans at Ole Miss made a lasting impression.

"When I went on my visit, fans from everywhere were coming up to me. I did not have my jersey or name tag on or anything. I was just wearing a Randy Moss jersey, but they still recognized me. They were coming up to me telling me how excited they were to have me coming to Ole Miss and how they could not wait to watch me play there. It made me feel so good. I felt the love down there like I have not felt anywhere else. It is all love down there."

A.J. keeps in constant contact with the Ole Miss staff.

"I call them almost every day. I called Coach Orgeron just yesterday. He congratulated me on my grades from the Fall semester. I made a C or better in all of the classes I took, and I am taking a couple of internet courses during the (Christmas) break. I also call Coach Nielsen a bunch. That's my boy. They are just excited about my grades right now."

What does Jackson need to enroll at Ole Miss?

"I only lack a few more hours. I am on track to be there in May, and at worst, I would be there this summer. But I will be in an Ole Miss uniform next year, I know that for sure."

The College of Sequoias finished the season at 9-3 and A.J. had another outstanding season despite missing 3 games.

"I missed 3 games because of a hip pointer, but I still had 12 TD's. I was #1 in everything until I got hurt. If I would not have gotten hurt, I would have had at least 19 TD's again. That is what I had last year."

Any awards for A.J.?

"I was named Most Outstanding Receiver in California, All-Conference, and Offensive MVP. I got a whole bunch of staff. I was also Offensive MVP on our team too."

Scout.com will have film from A.J.'s sophomore campaign in the near future.

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