Juco All-American looking for a home

Rodney Brisbon (OT, N' West CC, MS) - The 6' 6", 330 pound offensive tackle was named 1st Team All-American by NJCAA and Offensive Lineman of the Year in the Mississippi juco system for the 2006 campaign.

"I think I was better prepared this season," added Rodney Brisbon. "I was more ready than last year. I was more in shape."

Now that his junior college career is over, it is time to focus on which college he will attend next season.

"I have been to Kansas State (12/3) and Houston (12/10). I am suppose to go to Ole Miss (1/12) and Miami (1/19) next. Oklahoma State is trying to set up a visit, but we are still in the process at getting me up there."

How did R.J.'s Kansas State visit go?

"It was pretty good. They have a good team coming up."

And Houston?

"It was good. It was just Houston, down South, so I can relate to that. Kansas State was just cold. Houston also has a good program coming up too."

Which colleges have been by Brisbon's house to visit him?

"Kansas State and Houston."

Three colleges seem to be showing Brisbon the most interest right now.

"I say Kansas State, Ole Miss, and Miami are coming after me the hardest. They always stay in contact with me when ever they can. They also stay in contact with my coach."

When looking for the right fit, Brisbon knows what he is looking for.

"I am looking for a good Chemical Engineering program because that is what I am majoring in. I also want to look at their background, like have they won any championships and how warm it is and how close it is to my house in Alabama. Those are the main things."

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