'We will win the national championship at OM'

Ted Laurent (DT, Powder Springs, GA) - Scout.com's #26 nationally ranked defensive tackle and the 2006 AJC Super 11 and Southern 100 selection was in town for his official visit.

"I have always been down with Ole Miss. I do not have a soft commitment. It is real," added the 6' 1", 295 pound defense tackle, Ted Laurent

Laurent had a chance to try and persuade a few of the non-committed recruits who were in town.

"I got a few of the guys to commit. I think we will get Fonterrian Ingram, for sure. And Lawon Scott committed. Us three and the juco LB from Compton (Lamar Brumfield), we kicked it the whole weekend. We are in good shape for '07. We are going to the GA Dome next year, and we are going to beat Florida. Then the next year after that, we are going to win the national championship. That's a done deal, just sit back and watch."

The enthusiasm that Ted brings to the table was a natural draw for Coach Orgeron.

"Coach O told me that we are family now. He said my house is your house. He treated me like I was his own son. I love that man."

Orgeron's reputation as a defensive line guru was also another key factor in Ted's commitment.

"That was one of the main reasons I committed. He coached my idol, Warren Sapp. He has coached so many great linemen and put them in the league. To have your head coach being a specialist at your opinion was a big draw for me. Coach Orgeron has a great thing going on."

The highlight of the trip came from the film session and putting on his future jersey.

"We played in a 3-5 scheme here, but Ole Miss uses a 4-3. In a 3-5, you read the guards, but at Ole Miss, they just attack and get in the backfield. You just attack and make plays, so you do not have to do all of that reading and thinking. It simplifies things. I love how they are going to use me. Then we went through the game day simulation. I put on my Rebel jersey with my # on it. That was tight. I am going to keep #99 at Ole Miss."

This was Ted's second trip to Oxford as he also took in their Jr Day.

"I really got a more in-depth look at everything this time around. I got to meet all of the players, and how good Coach Orgeron is and how great we are going to be. Jeremy Garrett was my host. "JG" told me how things are done over there by Coach Nielsen. I watched them do their workouts, and I want to be just like JG. He is a hoss. I also got to see all of their facilities this time. They are big time. We went through the Walk of Champions and you could just feel what it is like on game day. They showed us some film from the Walk of Champions on game day, and you could see it in the eyes of the players while they were walking through. That was exciting right there. I got so pumped and hyped up. Me and Coach Orgeron did a chest bump, and I told him I was ready to go to war for him. He told me to be ready because I was going to be one of the centerpieces for his defense for the next four years. Then to cap it all off, we ran through the tunnel like they do on game day. That is probably what I enjoyed most over everything else during my trip."

A report came out in the AJC that stated that Laurent could be in trouble academically; true or false.

"Things are going really good right now. Some things have happened recently that have put me in good shape to be at Ole Miss next Fall. I fully expect to be there and so does Ole Miss."

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