Maurice Harris takes in Ole Miss visit

Maurice Harris (LB, Homestead, FL) - The 1st Team All-Dade selection and's #21 nationally rated LB had a chance to visit his fourth school, officially, this past weekend.

How did the visit go?

"It went good. I really liked it," added Maurice Harris.

The visit got off to a rough start as plane complications delayed things a little bit.

"I got off of the plane in Memphis about 12:30 am. I did not arrive to Ole Miss until 2:00 am. My reservations came in late."

The recruits usually go out on the town on Friday night and mingle with the current players, but due to Harris' late arrival, he never had a chance to really get to know the current Ole Miss players.

"I had a chance to talk to them a little bit and ask some questions. I asked them about the academic support they get. The same things I asked on my other visits. But I really did not get to hang out with them much. Like I said Friday night, I did not get in town until the middle of the night. Saturday, I was with the rest of the recruits touring the school and hanging out with the coaches. Then Saturday night, I chilled at the hotel room with some the other recruits and just ate some pizza."

Was this a negative for Harris to not have anytime to get a feel for the current players at Ole Miss?

"I found out about the players relationships and surroundings. I do not need a feel, so it was not a negative that I did not go out and chill with the players. It is all good."

Ole Miss uses a game day simulation on Saturday for the recruits, and this was the highlight of the trip for Mr. Harris.

"Their staff has so much energy. That is what really stands out to me, their energy. Saturday night, they made it like it was game day. We walked through the Walk of Champions in the Grove. They were all yelling trying to make us feel like it was game day. We went into the locker room, put on their jersey with our number on it and took some pictures. Then we all held hands, walked through the tunnel, and ran out on the field just like they do on game day. That was the energy I was talking about. You can just feel the energy their staff brings to the table."

Ole Miss sent Harris into their LB film room to show him how they are going to utilize him.

"They try to disguise their coverages a lot. They use the same defenses that Tampa Bay and the (Chicago) Bears do. They have a smart LB coach.He really breaks it down where you can understand it more."

Harris's position coach at his current high school, was coached by Ed Orgeron (Ole Miss head coach) when they were both at the University of Miami.

"Coach Orgeron is a good coach. He coached my position coach, Michael Barrow, so he told me to ask him any questions that I might have about him. Coach (Barrow) loves "O", so that is a good thing."

Early playing time also caught Harris' eye.

"I think I have a lot of opportunities at Ole Miss because they have moved some safeties to linebacker because of their depth chart. I feel I have some opportunities to play at Ole Miss."

Maurice has now had a chance to visit Arizona State, Wisconsin, Rutgers, and now Ole Miss. How did the visits compare?

"They were about the same. I do not know. They were about the same to me. They only thing that was different is their facilities. It is set up different. I liked how the facilities were set up at Ole Miss, but that is about it. They were all about the same."

What does Maurice' pecking order now look like?

"I have no comment about that. All of the schools that I visited are still in it."

Where does Harris visit next?

"I have not set up anymore visits. My coach is going to send out some more film, and we are going to go from there. I am just going to listen to what he advises me to do."

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