'It was just fate that I ended up at OM'

Lamar Brumfield (LB, Compton CC, CA) - Who says they do not believe in fate?Do not tell the 6-2, 230 pound reverse transfer from Compton CC if you hold this belief.

"We were in our meeting Sunday," recalled Lamar Brumfield after he took in his official visit to Ole Miss. "I looked at Coach Orgeron and told him it was just fate that I ended up at Ole Miss. He said it was."

Why was it fate?

"I had signed with Washington State, and we met in an airport in Los Angeles. He was on a recruiting trip, and I was flying out. We got to talking because he saw me with my WSU gear on, and he was wearing his SC gear. He asked me who I was, and I told him. Coach Orgeron told me that he had watched a lot of film on me, and that he thought I was a heck of a player. He said he wished he could have me on his defense. We just kind of clicked, and we probably spent the next two hours talking while we were waiting for our plane. Anyway, I told him I wished I would have met him earlier, and I would have signed with him. He told me you never knew, maybe one day I might. Then two years late, I am at Compton CC after I left WSU, and he got the head coaching job at Ole Miss. He gives me a call, and I just about flipped out. I could not believe it. I told him I was ready to commit, and I had not even seen Ole Miss' campus yet. I knew nothing about Ole Miss, but I did know that I would never pass up an opportunity to play for Coach Orgeron. It was just fate."

Fate would also have it that one of his good friends from home, Ashlee Palmer, would also commit and sign with the Rebels.

"He told me like two weeks back at school that he was going to sign with Ole Miss. I was like, yea, right. Then when I got down here for my visit, the first person I saw was him when I got off of the airplane. I was like, man, he was not lying. We hung out both nights during my official visit. We have been competing against one another since we were little kids. He is probably the best player I have ever played with or against and a real good person too. I am just excited to play next to him for the next few years. It definitely helps having one of your boys already there to help you get adjusted."

So, what did Lamar learn about Ole Miss during his visit to Oxford?

"Man, everything, but the things I concentrated mostly on were my academics, how the coaches interact with the players, and how the meetings are going to go. You know, just how it was going to be like being an Ole Miss Rebel. One thing I did find out is that Coach Orgeron has not lost his intensity. That man is crazy."

What was the highlight from Brumfield's official visit?

"Probably it was Saturday night. Going to the stadium. The game simulation. We walked around the locker room and ran through the tunnel. You still felt like everyone was in the stands. That was as high as I have ever felt before. I was pumped up. I have never been in that type of environment. All of the coaches are real enthusiastic, just real hyped up."

Now that Lamar has seen what the Ole Miss environment is all about; what are his thoughts.

"It was more than what I was expecting it be. I could have not put myself in a better environment. Like I said, it was just fate."

Brumfield will have 3 to play 3 at Ole Miss.


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