Jevan settling in at UM

Transfer QB Jevan Snead has only been on campus for a few days, but he's already found a comfort zone at Ole Miss. Read about it inside.

Rebel Quarterback Jevan Snead - that has a nice ring to it, huh? - hasn't had much time to get acclimated to Ole Miss yet, but his first impressions have been good ones.

"So far, everything is great. I'm just getting settled in with my classes and looking forward to the offseason starting next Monday (January 22)," said Jevan, who transferred to Ole Miss from the University of Texas. "I haven't met every player individually, but my welcome has been real good and I can't wait to get to know them all.

"Next week I'm looking forward to getting to know all the guys when we run and work out in the weight room."

Snead, who hails from Stephenville, TX, said he opted to live in a dormitory (Deaton) this semester, but will probably move off campus this summer.

"I'm not really hanging out with anyone yet. I'm just trying to get my classes and workout schedules and routines established," he noted.

Jevan is facing, for him, a long haul before he will don a Rebel uniform in a real game. He has to sit out the 2007 season due to transfer rules and will not play in a game for nearly 20 months.

"I've never missed a season when I wasn't in games in the fall, but I knew when I decided to transfer I would have to sit out. There's no better place to sit out than here, as far as I am concerned," he said. "I'm just looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting to know the offensive system.

"The benfit is that by the time I'm eligible to play, I should know everything I need to know to compete and help the team win, if I'm fortunate enough to win the QB job."

Snead said he misses home "a little bit," but he's OK.

"Mississippi has real friendly people, just like Texas, but I'm having to get used to my family not being here. I expected everything I'm going through though and it hasn't bee real hard," Jevan, pronounced like Kevin with a J, said. "There are small cultural differences, but nothing big. I'll be used to here in no time and I already like the change."

We asked Jevan a series of questions that aren't pertinent to anything other than maybe a way of getting to know him a little better.

Chevy or Ford? "I have a GMC truck."

Counrty, hip-hop or rock 'n roll? "I like it all."

X-Box or PlayStation? "PlayStation."

Pickup or car? "Pickup."

Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? "Peyton Manning."

Tiger or Phil? "Tiger."

Blondes, brunettes or redheads? "All of them."

Math or science? "Is there a 'neither.' No, probably science."

Steak or lobster? "Steak, definitely."

Jet Li or Bruce Willis? "Bruce Willis."

Mexican or Chinese? "Mexican, of course. I'm from Texas."

Snickers or Butterfinger? "Snickers - I like peanuts."

Angelina or Jennifer? "Jennifer."

LaBron or Dwayne? "Tough one. LaBron."

NASCAR or wrestling? "Neither (laughs)."

Dancer or watcher? "I will dance, but I'm not too good. Have to be in the mood."

Mags or spinners? "Mags."

Practice or film room? "I like both."

Winter or Summer Olympics? "Winter."

15-yard out or the post? "Post - I like the bombs."

Yankees or Red Sox? "Red Sox."

Boots or tennis shoes? "Boots, but I'm wearing tennis shoes now."

Bench press or clean? "Clean."

Dogs or cats? "Dogs, for sure."

Sprints or marathons? "Sprints."

Grits or has browns? "Hash browns, so far."

XM or Sirrius? "Sirrius."

Cold Play or Willie Nelson? "Willie, no doubt."

ESPN or Fox News? "ESPN, man."

Ice cream or pie? "I like ice cream on my pie."

Fishing or hunting? "Ohh, I like both. But hunting the most."

Beach or the mountains? "I've never been to the mountains, so I'd say the beach. I'm a fan of bikinis."

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