Rebels welcome Top 100 recruit, Rashad Mason

Rashad Mason (WR, Nashville, TN) - Wednesday night the 6' 6", 210 pound Pearl Cohn product was looking up in the basketball stands and saw a who's who list of coaches in attendance.

"I looked up there and Coach Freeze (Ole Miss), Carr and Campbell (Michigan), Davis (North Carolina), and Fulmer (Tennessee) were all sitting next to each other with their school's hats on. I was like man, I guess I have come a long ways," added Rashad Mason. "Last year, nobody even knew who I was, and now I have all of these top programs wanting me."

How does that made's #14 nationally rated WR feel?

"It feels great, to be honest. I always thought I was one of the top recruits, but nobody knew anything about me. But yea, it feels good to be one of the top recruits," stated the soft spoken Mason.

And why was Mason such an unknown recruit going into his senior season?

"The reason Rashad was off the radar in recruiting until midway through this year is because he was in a terrible car wreck last year and only played one game as a junior," said Pearl Cohn head coach, Brunetti. "He was thrown out of the car and beat up pretty badly. One kid died in the wreck."

Mason took the issue head on for the '06 campaign.

"When Rashad came back from the wreck this year, he was more serious and businesslike. He got his mind right and realized life is a gift. He told me he's going to make the most of his life - the wreck taught him a valuable lesson," Coach Brunetti noted. "He developed a sense of urgency and an approach of doing things the right way, with effort."

Mason was a multitalented player for Pearl Cohn this season.

"As a senior, he played both ways and on special teams for us. He played wide receiver, free safety and was the long snapper on special teams. You don't see many wide receivers who can do the things he did," Brunetti added. "I think the sky is the limit for him. He is raw due to missing his junior year, but his upside is tremendous."

What will Rashad have to work on for the next level?

"Once he gets some one-on-one coaching in college, he'll make a big jump. Like all incoming freshmen, he will have to work on his route-running and ball skills, but his intensity level will be there. He's about 6-6 and weighs 211 pounds. There is no telling what he will develop into with a year-round weight program."

Coach Brunetti spoke about what makes Mason such an easy kid to coach.

"Rashad is a smart kid. His grades are fine and he's smart on the field. We put in a new, prostyle offense this year. He learned that and our defense. He had to play all four WR spots and some tight end and handled it all mentally and physically."

When it comes to Rashad's recruitment, Coach Brunetti has no doubt that Mason will cross all the "T's" and dot all the "I's" before making a final decision.

"He will definitely take all five of his visits and make a decision from there. He is an analytical kid who will evaluate all the pros and cons and then come up with what is best for him. He will make a good choice and he has five excellent schools after him."

Mason was scheduled to visit UCLA this weekend, but had a change of plans when the Bruins staff lost touch and the Rebels pushed him to move up his visit.

"I am going to Ole Miss this weekend. I will probably knock out UCLA from consideration because I have not heard from them lately. I will add somebody else in there."

Rashad has already visited North Carolina and Michigan and is scheduled to visit Ole Miss (1/19) and LSU (1/20) next.

Who could grab that last spot?

"Either Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisville, Clemson or Tennessee."

What stands out with Ole Miss right now?

"I just like how their coaches have recruited me. I also like how their program is about to change. They are about to improve themselves. That would be neat to help a team go from the bottom to the top, and I think they are about to do it."

The coaches at North Carolina made an impression with Mason during his official visit.

"I love their coaches. They are real straight up and down to earth. I can just joke around with them and be myself."

Michigan's players also left their mark during his official visit.

"I just like their players. We bonded. I liked Ryan Mallett. We became friends on my visit. I like how their players bond."

Mason had voiced his concerns about playing for a school in a cold environment but that opinion might be changing.

"That has changed. I talked to Ryan, and he said if you are going to play in the NFL, you play in different climates so you have to get use to it."

Rashad's home state college, Tennessee, is also trying to become a force in his recruitment.

"Really about two weeks ago is the first time I heard from them. They said they just got in my tape. I went to their camp, but they wanted to see more film of me. Then like two weeks ago, they offered me after they saw my film."

Which colleges does Mason feel like want him the most?

"That would be between North Carolina, Ole Miss, and Michigan."

Rashad claims a 3.0 overall GPA/ 2.4 Core GPA / 19 ACT.

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