Rishaw Johnson talks recruiting

Rishaw Johnson (OL, Hammond, LA) - One of Louisiana's top offensive linemen committed to the Rebels in early June and has stayed true to his word ever since.

"I am still 100% solid with my commitment to Ole Miss," added Rishaw Johnson. "Their coaching staff is great, and it is a great opportunity for me to play early. I just like everything about Ole Miss."

Although Johnson remains firm with his commitment; he will check out LSU this weekend and FSU the following weekend.

"I was suppose to go to FSU this weekend, but I did not make it. They had too many people coming in on their visits. They wanted me coming in when there were less recruits in town. I will probably go on February 2nd. I am going to LSU this weekend."

What does Ole Miss say about Rishaw taking these visits?

"Coach Orgeron (at Ole Miss) is not complaining. He wants to make sure I am making the right decision, but he also knows that I am going to sign with Ole Miss. These visits are just for a vacation."

What will Rishaw look for while he is on his visits?

"I want to learn about FSU's academics. I pretty much know everything about LSU. I just want to see how well I fit in with their players."

Any inhome visits lined up this week?

"Coach Frank (from Ole Miss) is going to come over. That is it so far."

Johnson was selected to the All-American bowl in Florida this month and dominated his defenders during the game, but what impressed most observers was not what he did during the game, but what he did before a practice.

"It was raining real hard, so we practiced inside a gym. We were shooting hoops before practice started, and one of the announcers for the game said I could not dunk the ball. I was like, are you crazy, so I dunked it standing flat footed. Everybody started hollering. They couldn't believe somebody my size could get up like that. I still did not see what the big deal was. I have been dunking the ball flat footed since I was 15."

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