What is going on with Lionel Breaux?

Lionel Breaux (WR, New Orleans, LA) - Louisiana's District 9(4A) MVP arrived back home from his official visit to the University of Arkansas on Sunday.

"It was alright," stated Lionel Breaux on his Hogs trip. "But to be honest, it was the most boring out of all of them. There was not much to do. The only thing exciting was the track meet and the academic part."

Lionel now has now visited Ole Miss, Nebraska, and Arkansas. Which visit has he enjoyed the most?

"I fit in real good at Nebraska because of their players. They were real cool."

Where does this leave his commitment status with Ole Miss?

"I am still committed to Ole Miss. I just want to look around."

Does Breaux have anymore visits lined up?

"I am going to Alabama this weekend."

Lionel reported last Monday that newly hired Alabama head coach, Nick Saban, was coming in for an inhome visit on Thursday. Breaux anticipated that Saban was going to try and line up an official visit during his inhome meeting, but he said he was solid on Ole Miss and he was not going to take a visit. What made Lionel change his mind?

"Well, I thought it over. I told him I would visit. I need to visit and see how it is. This is my last chance to take a trip, so I decided to go."

Are there any concerns with Ole Miss that Lionel might have?

"Coach Frank (Ole Miss assistant), I do not know how long he is going to be there if the team does not win. Coach Saban just got there, so he will have a chance to be there for a while. I do not want to start fresh with a new staff while I am there."

Has Breaux had a chance to express his concerns to the Ole Miss staff?

"No, but I am going to let him know before I go on my trip."

Was Lionel aware that Coach Orgeron was awarded a contract extension during the offseason?

"No, but if they give him a four year extension, I am going to keep it solid with Ole Miss."

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