Rebels in the house

New Orleans Running Back Joe McKnight, the nation's number one RB, said nothing has changed since his Ole Miss and USC official visits.

"No sir, there is no leader. I'm doing what I said I would do - going on my visits and soaking everything in," said Joe McKnight. "I had a good time at Ole Miss, a good time at USC and I'm going to LSU tomorrow. I may go to Alabama next weekend, but I haven't decided that yet. When I am finished with my visits, I will make a decision."

Joe did have an inhome visit by an assistant from Ole Miss today.

"Coach Frank (Wilson) came by. He just left actually. We talked about the same things we always talk about."

Which is?

"How they are going to use me like Reggie Bush at USC and how he is going to be like a father to me there, if I go there."

What stands out about the Rebels right now?

"They are a good school, plus I liked their players a lot and me and Coach Frank are cool."

And USC?

"They have a good team. I can go over there and play to my fullest ability, but it is a long ways from home."

What about the LSU Tigers?

"I have not visited there yet, so I will find out more about them after this weekend."

Alabama recently jumped into the picture. What has McKnight interested in the Tide?

"I have interest in Alabama because I feel like I can go in there and play for Coach Saban."

Has Joe set up his official visit with the Tide yet?

"No, I have not set it up yet."

Does McKnight feel like that is going to get done in the near future?

"I do not know yet. I have not made up my mind."

Joe mentioned in a interview at the Army All-American game that he already knew which school he was going to attend but that he was going to still take his official visits before announcing for that school. Does that still stand?

"Well, that has changed. I do not know where I am going yet. I really am wide open right now."

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