1st Team Juco All-American coming to town

Tony Fein (LB, Scottsdale CC, AZ) - If you are looking for that ultimate "team" player, look no further than this 1st Team All-American selection.

"I was in a recon brigade that was the second unit into Baghdad when Saddam Hussein was going down," added Tony Fein.

What was it like?

“It was crazy there,” Fein, who is now 24, told JCFootball.com. “I wasn’t really scared, but it made you appreciate what you have back here and it was basically about survival every day.

“That’s sort of what you get when you go out on the football field, especially playing at the MIK (middle linebacker) like I do. You’re constantly looking for who is coming at you from different angles and then still trying to read where the back is going.”

Shortly after finishing a distinguished career at South Kitsap High School in Port Orchard, Washington, Fein decided to enlist in the Army.

“I needed money to pay for my educationl, so I joined up,” Fein said. “It made me grow up and gave me the discipline I needed to be successful for the rest of my life, Fein told Scott Eklund from JCFootball.com.

“I went to boot camp at Ft. Knox in Kentucky and boot camp is a lot different than training camp. At boot, you’re trying to get in fighting shape and still be agile and nimble. Out here you need to be bigger and more physical. It’s really a contrast.”

Scottsdale held a special place in Fein’s heart because he had friends who attended school there and he loved the weather, so he decided to attend Scottsdale CC.

Now the rest is history, as the 6' 2", 255 pound inside linebacker is rated as one of the Top 50 juco players in the country by Scout.com and is one of the more coveted junior college players in the country.

"I have offers from several different school, Obviously Michigan State and Ole Miss. Louisville, California, Washington State, Iowa State, Utah, and Nebraska was real high on me and offered but it kind of fizzled as I waited on my decision. I do not know. There have been a lot of schools."

Tony collected 136 tackles and 4 interceptions this past season and was named 1st Team All-American (Gridwire) and the Defensive Player of the Year for the Western State Football League.

"It has been kind of crazy. I guess I went from getting shot at, to people opening their doors and rolling out the red carpet for me. It is a nice change."

Tony visited Michigan State officially in September and had a good experience.

"When I went to Michigan State on September 23rd, they were undefeated and playing Notre Dame. It was a big game. The atmosphere in the stadium was impressive. I was really impressed with John L. Smith, their old head coach. I hated he got fired. That was a kind of a downer for me."

Where does that leave Michigan State now that their old staff is not in place?

"They sent their entire staff to come see me on Monday. They are nice people. I have narrowed it down to Michigan State and Ole Miss. I had Louisville in there to, with those two. I was actually suppose to visit Louisville this weekend and Ole Miss next weekend, but it was not going to be enough time for me to sit on my official visit from Ole Miss and really think things through. I want to take a couple of days and let the wow factor settle in from my Ole Miss trip. I am sure it is going to be a great visit. Everybody tells me that Ole Miss' campus is like what you see in the movies. It just blows you away, with its beauty. I do not want to be rushed into a decision and make an emotional choice, so I decided to move my Ole Miss visit up to this weekend so I can make a good sound decision."

What made this 4 Star prospect narrow it down to Ole Miss and Michigan State?

"When it came down to it, Ole Miss and MSU have more of the qualities I am looking for. The conference they play in. I want to play against the best, and OM and MSU give you that opportunity. Nothing against the Big East, but they simply do not have the players and competition that the SEC and Big 10 do."

And what got Tony interested in the Rebels in the first place?

"The main person I have been talking to is Coach Carerro He came to see my film a few weeks back, and he took the film back down there. Coach Orgeron called me back and said that he had to have me come down there. To be honest with you, I was down to Louisville and Michigan at that time. I was not going to let anybody else in the picture, but I got an opportunity from an SEC school. I could not let that opportunity slip away. The fans and playing in big games is important to me. I just know about the passion they have for football down there. I also love warm climate, so that is another plus. But having a chance to replace a legend like Patrick Willis is a dream. Those are some big shoes to fill, but I am up to the challenge. I did a lot of research on Ole Miss on the internet, and it pretty much just blew me away."

What kind of game does Tony bring to the table?

"I am real aggressive. I have a motor that never stops. I can lead well on the field. I am a little older because I have military experience. I have seen some stuff that maybe others have not. I have seen the worst, so I think maybe I can rub off on some of the other players when the going gets tough."

Fein will have 3 to play 2 on the next level.

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