Sowell getting serious about his weight

Bradley Sowell (OL, Hernando, MS) - Bradley came on his official visit and learned one thing.

"I found out that I was going to have to get in SEC shape if I wanted to get that left guard slot," added Bradley Sowell.

"When I went on my visit, I went in for a physical, and they measured me at 6' 8 3/4", 366. I know I have a big frame, and I am just a thick guy, but that was just too much. Coach Orgeron said he wanted me to lose some weight if I was serious about earning a starting job. He said it would benefit me if I reported to Ole Miss with some weight off. Coach Orgeron told that 366 would be hard for me to compete in the SEC, so he wanted me at 325 when I reported."

What did Sowell do about it?

"I took my Christmas and graduation money and hired a trainer. I have been working so hard, and I have stuck with it. I have gotten down to 338. I feel like a new person. I have been calling Coach Kehoe everyday giving him a status report. Me and Coach Kehoe have gotten closer than we have ever been. I even got him on the diet I am on now. He saw me and could not believe it. I told him it was time he joined me. He told me that is what his wife told him the same thing (laugh). Coach Freeze came to my school, and he could not believe how different I looked. My body is so much different now. I am around 24 percent body fat right now, which is average for a lineman. But he is cutting me up in different places. I am going to get my body fat down in the teens before I report."

Bradley has one thing on his mind for next season and that is to have a shot at the left guard slot that became available when Andrew Wicker graduated.

"Coach Kehoe told me I would have a chance to compete for that spot, and I really want it. He thinks I am going to be awesome. He likes how athletic I am for a guy my size. He said I have a chance to get that job. That is why he wants me to lose this weight. He thinks I will have a chance to compete for the job if I do because of my athleticism."

Bradley has also had the opportunity to train with another prospect that Ole Miss is keying in on.

"Johnathan Frink has come up here some to train with me. He is an animal. He is so strong and lean. I have been going down there some to train with him in Oxford. Oxford is like home away from home for me."

Sowell has a love for people and has become one of Ole Miss' top recruiters.

"The coaches like my recruiting. They say that the other recruits always mention my name. That is what I want to do when I get out of college. I want to become a recruiter. I started out calling Scottie (Marshall Williams) and Jamariey (Atterberry). We all took our visit together and they both committed. I have been calling (Rashad) Mason and (Johnathan) Frink everyday. Rashad really had a good time on his visit to Ole Miss. I can tell that he really likes it at Ole Miss. And I will go out on my word and promise you that we will get Frink. He is coming to Ole Miss. Me and Robert (Elliott) have been talking since last summer. Robert is one of the best guys you will ever meet. I can not wait to start blocking for him. We talk about how great it's going to be to play together. Me and Rishaw (Johnson) also talk a lot. We met at the Ole Miss camp and then we gave each other our phone numbers at one of the Ole Miss games, and we have been talking ever since. He is excited about coming to Ole Miss. Chris Strong and I met last year at Ole Miss' Jr Day. We just hit it off right from the start. Chris is like me. He was born a Rebel. I did not have to do too much recruiting with Chris (laugh). All of us, we are already developing a tight bond, and we have not even gotten to Ole Miss yet. Everybody is just so hungry to win some championships at Ole Miss. I just can not wait to get to Ole Miss and start going to war with these guys. I have dreams weekly about running out of that tunnel for the first time wearing the Red and Blue. I get chills just talking about it."

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