Allen Bell switches pledges

The 6' 1", 195 pound cornerback from Independence CC has had a hard time trying to figure out where he is going next season, but this time he thinks he has it right.

"I have decided that Iowa State is a better fit for me, and they present a better opportunity for me to get a (starting) job next season," added Allen Bell.

Allen's commitment to Ole Miss has been on shaky status for the last few weeks, and now it is time to put some closure on it.

"I do not think they were too happy about me not knowing for sure what I was going to do. They came up here last week and said they needed to know if I was going to sign or not. I could not give them a definite yes or no. I was still confused about Iowa State and Nebraska, so I did not know what to do. They wished me good luck, and they told me they were going in another direction. To be honest, I am glad they did that because it made it easier on me to make up my mind."

Or did it?

"I might still visit Nebraska this weekend, but right now, I am 100% committed to Iowa State. It's just a verbal (commitment) though."

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