Breaux still a soft commit for Ole Miss

Lionel Breaux (WR, New Orleans, LA) - Louisiana's District 9(4A) MVP arrived back home from his official visit to the University of Alabama this afternoon.

Breaux had to take a midweek visit to the Tide because he had a track meet this weekend. Besides his football prowess, Breaux is a national figure in prep track as well. He currently ranks 4th in the nation in the 800 (1:54), "7th or 8th" in the 400 (47.7) and has run a 21.5 200 and 10.8 100 Meter. Lionel said he will concentrate more on the 100 and 200 this spring and will go for his third straight Louisiana 800 title as well.

But the task at hand right now is concentrating on where he will further his athletic career.

How did the Bama visit go?

"It went good," added Lionel Breaux. "The only real exciting part they had was the (Bear) museum. We took a tour and watched the Alabama history of football. Other than that, it was ok. I also enjoyed their players too."

Was the visit about what he was expecting/better/or worse?

"It was better. The staff and players are all on the same page. And the museum and the athletic center really stood out."

How did Alabama compare to the other three colleges (Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Nebraska) he visited?

"It was alright. They were all about the same."

What did each school have that the other did not?

Ole Miss - The big thing is their indoor facility. The ones I saw, Ole Miss tops it off. That and everything you want to get into is right there on campus. I am real close with their coaches too."

Arkansas - "They had an inside track."

Nebraska - "They have a huge weight room for their football and track players. They just have one big weight room for all of their athletes. But nothing was really noticeable different at any of the visits. It was basically the same everywhere I went."

Alabama - "They had the museum."

Where does this leave Breaux's commitment status with Ole Miss?

"I am still committed, but right now, I just want to keep my options open before signing day. I will decide what I am going to do before signing day. Right now I am a little confused, but yes, I am still committed to Ole Miss."

A report came out that Breaux might take an official visit with his brother, Delvin Breaux, to LSU this weekend.

"I might or I might not. Me and Delvin just really want to have fun playing against each other. He can man me up, and we can just see who is the best. That is kind of the way we want to keep it. He is going to LSU, so you know, LSU and Ole Miss do not exactly like each other. We look forward to that rivalry."

Louisiana's District 9(4A) MVP amassed over 1, 100 yards receiving (33 receptions) and 13 TD's his senior season.

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