Rebs to visit Maurice Harris' mother

Maurice Harris (LB, Homestead, FL) - The 1st Team All-State and All-Dade selection had narrowed his list to Wisconsin and Ole Miss as of late last week.But could there be a new school on the horizon?

"I spoke with FSU on Tuesday and they are coming to the school on Thursday," stated Maurice Harris.

When did FSU come into the picture?

"Coach Chuck Amato, when he was the head coach at N.C. State, he came to my Spring game. We became real close and now he is an assistant at FSU. He is going to see if their staff likes me, and if they do, they are going to offer me."

Where does this leave Ole Miss and Wisconsin?

"They are still my top 2 schools. Everything is still the same. It is probably too late for anybody else to get into the picture, but FSU called two weeks ago and started getting involved. They want to get my transcript tomorrow, and they might bring me in this weekend for an official visit. When Chuck Amato was at N.C.State, I was considering them just because of him. Now that he is at FSU, I want to see what is up."

Will Maurice visit FSU if they ask him to?

"Yes sir. I want to check out their campus and see if I can get a long with their coaches."

Does Maurice prefer to stay closer to home, if that opportunity presents itself?

"No, not at all. I am just looking for the best fit."

And what are the factors in determining the "best fit"?

"The people around campus and just the environment in general. Their coaches and how good of a chance I will have to play next season. The weight program will be important too."

What stands out about Harris' top two schools?

"At Ole Miss, their coaches have a lot of experience. They are always excited too. They are good coaches and they bring lot of energy to the team. I do not know. They would just be fun to play for, and at the same time, I know they have coached a lot of players in the league, like my position coach at Homestead, Michael Barrows. They know what they are doing."

"Wisconsin, they just have a good program and have been winning for a long time. They also have good academics."

Breaking down the most important factors; which college gives him the best environment?

"Both schools were good. I am just trying to figure out which school is better. I am just looking for any edge that one school has over the other so it can help me make up my mind. Time is running out, but I have not given it much thought because I am in the middle of wrestling season. Me and Coach McCay will sit down soon and get it all figured out."

Either staff stand out?

"Both staffs are good. They are just different. Ole Miss is real hyped, and Wisconsin is real laid back. I could adapt to either one of them."

Playing time?

"Well, I looked at the depth charts at both schools and Ole Miss needs a little more help than Wisconsin. Ole Miss only returns a couple of scholarship players back at my position. I know for sure I can make an impact there. Wisconsin is only losing two linebackers, but I still think I can make an impact there next season if I work hard."

Any inhome visits this week?

"Wisconsin brought down their staff tonight, and Ole Miss is sending theirs to Georgia to see my momma on Saturday."

Harris won the Dade County wrestling tournament (GMAC) and starts District play this weekend.

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