Rebels still in the game for Tommy Walker?

Tommy Walker (OT, Munford, TN) - The 6' 4", 263 pound standout from Memphis was originally thought to be projected for center on the next level, but that looks to not be the case.

"I started both ways at Munford," stated Tommy Walker. "But I am mainly getting recruited for defensive end. Tennessee State, Ole Miss, Memphis, and Arkansas State want me at end, and Mississippi State is recruiting me for both. They actually like me at defensive tackle too."

When did the Bulldogs come into the picture?

"They offered me a scholarship during the football season, and I set up an official visit with them like two weeks back. I am going up there this weekend."

Where all has Tommy officially visited so far?

"I have been to Memphis (1/5), Ole Miss (1/12), Arkansas State (1/19), and Tennessee State (1/26)."

Any recent inhome visits?

"Coaches Orgeron and Freeze (Ole Miss) came by last night. Coach Croom (MSU) came by on Monday. Coach West (Memphis) came by on Tuesday. We have coaches Webster and Harris for Tennessee State coming by today at 5:00 pm to meet with us."

Is there a leader yet?

"They are basically about the same, but I am kind of leaning towards Memphis State, but I will make a decision by Friday, hopefully."

What will that do to the MSU visit if a decision is made by Friday?

"I will still go on the trip, so I will have something to compare my decision to."

Tommy Walker's Uncle, Malcolm Walker, gave us some insightful thoughts on the recruiting process.

"Tommy and myself and his mother are going to go over everything and do what is best for Tommy," added the articulate Malcolm Walker.

"He wants to have a decision by Friday, but he might not have one until Tuesday. Tennessee State is coming tomorrow, and they are making a late strong push. All of the coaches are talking really well."

What will be the main factors in Tommy's decision?

"Distance from home, playing time, and where he feels the most comfortable. This is about beyond playing football. After football is over, where he is going to feel at home? That is way more important than football. Football is only a few months out of the year. He needs to find a place that is a home away from home. We will also look at where his mother can conveniently see his games. We are narrowing the door right now. Tonight, we are trying to narrow it down to two schools. We are carefully thinking this thing out. The two main factors will be distance from home and where he feels the most comfortable. As far as playing time, all of the schools are recruiting him to start. That is left up to him and how badly he wants it. The colleges can not guarantee anything for Tommy. That would be silly to think he can just show up and start. That is all left up to his individual will to start. Me and his mother will support where ever he wants to go. But what if there is an emergency and he needs transportation to get home? That is why Memphis Sate is where he might be leaning."

There is also another factor that could play a role.

"He has a cousin that is a RB for Munford., Malcolm Walker (Jr)," added Malcolm Walker (Sr). "They have always wanted to play together on the next level. Right now, Tennessee State is the only school who has offered him. Ole Miss and Memphis State have not. That could play a role. We are not saying that is going to be the overriding decision, but it could play a role. Right now, Ole Miss and Memphis are saying he could walk on, so we shall see. We are going to meet with Mr. Webster and Harris (from Tennessee State) today at 5:00 and just go over some things. Memphis State continues to call and make a strong push. Ole Miss has been in this thing from day one. Mississippi State really wants the kid pretty badly. We will just have to wait and see."

From the sound of the conversation, it seems like Memphis and Tennessee State might be the two schools that things are narrowed down to; right?

"Tennessee State and Memphis are still in it, but Ole Miss is not out of it at all," added Malcolm Walker. "Coach Orgeron was really impressive, and we have always been crazy about Coach Hugh Freeze. I love what they are doing with that program. We will mark some schools off and narrow things down. I told Tommy to not feel the pressure, let me feel the pressure. This has gotten to be too much for the young man. I am really ready for this to be over."

Where does Mississippi State fit into the picture?

"They just want us to visit," added Malcolm Walker. Coach Croom asked us how could we dismiss them without visiting? But we are kind of tired of the recruiting process, but we may get down there and feel good about it. Who knows what might happen?"

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