Rebs offer Memphis LB

DeAndre Jones (LB, Memphis, TN) - MUS won back to back State Championships heading into this past season, so it came to a surprise to many when they went out in the first round.

"I did not know what getting beat in the playoffs felt like," added DeAndre Jones. "And I can honestly tell you that it felt ten times worst than I could have ever imagined. That is all of our senior's goals, to get back to the playoffs and win it one more time before we leave here.

The 6' 0", 215 pounder played strong safety his first three years of varsity ball but expects to move down to linebacker next season.

"I played linebacker in middle school and enjoyed being in the action all of the time. I am looking forward to getting back to my favorite position. That is where I am being recruited to play too."

Jones' junior season saw him collect 69 tackles, 13 for losses, 2 sacks, 4 pass breakups, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 fumble recovery.

"It was a pretty good year. It could have been better, but for the position I played, it was good. I tackle pretty well, and I have a good eye for the ball. I read the line and have a good feeling where the ball is going before the snap. I need to work on my footwork, but I have good speed for a LB. Many times this season, if I lined up on one side, they went the other way. I guess you can say I am a defensive threat."

Who are the main colleges that are recruiting DeAndre?

"The main ones are Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, a whole lot of Ole Miss, Vandy, Tennessee, and I am getting a lot of letters from Auburn, MSU, and Alabama. I have also gotten a couple from Princeton, Harvard, and Yale."

With the Ivy league colleges interest in Jones, it comes as no surprise that he also has excellent grades.

"I have a 3.5 Core GPA. I have not taken the ACT or SAT test yet, but I am taking the SAT on March 10th and the ACT in April."

Which colleges will DeAndre visit for Jr Day?

"I have already attended Ga Tech and Vandy. I went to Vandy last Saturday when they beat Florida (in basketball). I am going to Ole Miss this Saturday, and I am going to try and go to Tennessee on March 31st."

How did the Georgia Tech visit go?

"I visited their campus two times before, so this was more of an in-depth visit. I enjoyed talking to their coaches, and their campus is nice being in the middle of downtown Atlanta. You feel like you are in a small town, but then you look up and see all of the tall buildings. Then you realize you are in downtown Atlanta. I really like their school."

What got this Memphis product interested in Georgia Tech?

"They have a very good engineering program, and I want to be a Chemical Engineer. They also have a good football team that is on the rise. I really like the City of Atlanta too. All those things together, and it is a good combo."

What about Jones' Vandy trip?

"It was a pretty nice visit. It was snowing the whole time we were there so we did not do much touring because it was so cold. But it is close to home, and I like that. The coach who is recruiting me, Coach Belin, we really clicked over the weekend. They also have a good academic reputation, which is always important."

What has Jones interested in Ole Miss?

"Once again, they are close to home. But I also like my recruiting coach, Hugh Freeze. He is a very cool coach, him and Coach Orgeron. I stay in steady contact with them, and I like how they recruit me and stay on top of things. They just kind of recruit you differently than everybody else. I went to their 7 on 7 camps the past two years, but I have not really had a chance to see their campus yet. But they do have a real nice field and stadium though."

What about the Vols?

"I went up there to the LSU game. I liked the game atmosphere. It is very hyped. I spoke to Coach Roper, and he was cool as well. They lost the game, but it was still upbeat. They have a very nice school, plus I have a couple of friends who are going to UT."

Any early scholarship offers?

"Ole Miss offered me before the Christmas break. I felt relieved to get the first one out of the way. Many people do not get their first one until their senior year and sometimes never, so I just feel blessed."

It is no surprise that DeAndre feels like Ole Miss is recruiting him the hardest.

"There is no question they are. They text me every week, and we just talk all of the time. They get me on this speaker phone when I call, and I talk to their whole staff. That is what I meant by how they recruit you differently. You get a chance to get to know all of them, not just your recruiter. And they are always so hyped up when you talk to them. They are a lot of fun."

Which college does Jones feel like is next in line to offer?

"I think either Vandy or Georgia Tech. I have to send in my highlight tape to Vandy. I forgot to bring it with me for Jr Day."

Lastly, who is the best player DeAndre has every competed against?

"That would have to be Chris Walker. He is a very good athlete. When I played him as a sophomore, he did me in pretty good, but this past year I think I held my own. We keep in constant contact. Chris is a real cool person."

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