Rebels offer South Panola lineman

Quin Sanford (OL, South Panola, MS) - The Tigers had perhaps their best offensive line in school history last year and four or the five starters return for the upcoming season. One of their linemen just received a scholarship offer from the Rebels last night. Read about it inside

"Coach Hughes (from Ole Miss) told me I had a full scholarship offer to come play for them," added Quin Sanford. "I told him I appreciated it, and I was going to think about coming there and playing with all of my kins. Coach told me he needed me to come help his program."

Where does this put the Rebels in the 6' 4", 280 pounder's pecking order?

"They are second behind Mississippi State."

What has the Dogs at the top?

"My offensive line coach, Michael Fair, went to school there. He was always talking good about MSU, so they were my favorite team growing up. I like their tradition too. I just like their whole atmosphere."

And what stands out about Ole Miss?

"All of my kin folks are up there. I just like going over there. Plus, I like Coach Orgeron a lot. He is a players coach. He will get out there and run with you, work out with you, just do everything the players do. I want to play for a coach like that."

Now that Quin holds offers from Ole Miss and MSU; who else is heavily in the mix?

"Florida is my number three school. They have a lot of good players, and they have been calling me a bunch. I have always wanted to visit Florida, and plus they won the national championship too."

Anybody else recruiting Sanford?

"I am getting a lot of letters from Alabama and Auburn. I might go to Auburn's Jr Day."

Which Jr Days will Quin visit?

"I am going to Ole Miss Saturday with OL Jonathan Wilson, DT Cameron Wagner, DE Terrance Pope, DT Jarred Draper, OT Jemarcus Hardrick, CB Bud Barksdale, and S Darrius Barksdale. We are all going over there together with our new coach. I will probably go over to MSU next month too."

What does Quin think about his new head coach, Coach Pogue?

"That guy is real cool. He is just like one of the players. He is like Coach Orgeron. Coach Pogue will work out with us in the weight room and stuff like that. All of us are just relieved now. We got our coach. They are going to keep Coaches Wright (DC), Weaver (DE), and King (DT) too. Coach Fair went into the insurance business, and Coach Edwards went to Durant."

Quin claims a 2.7 GPA / 17 ACT.

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