'If signing day were tomorrow, I would sign'

Jermarcus Hardrick (OL, Batesville, MS) - South Panola's largest lineman left Ole Miss with one thing on his mind.

"If I had an offer, and signing day were tomorrow, I would sign with Ole Miss," added Jermarcus Hardrick. "They impressed me a whole lot. They made me feel real good. It is a great school. One thing though, I would want to play defense with them because Coach Orgeron is all in into it. His energy made me want to strap it on and play today. They also have great facilities. I just liked everything about Ole Miss."

Coach Kehoe also made an impression on the 6' 6", 330 pounder.

"The offense is just like the one we run here. Coach Kehoe would break down the film, and say, "hey, you recognize this?" We would be like, yea, that is what we run. He said he would prefer to have some linemen who were already familiar with their schemes and we are. Coach Orgeron said he wanted all of us at South Panola to be a Rebel."

Was this Hardrick's first visit to Ole Miss?

"I came to two games this year, but this was the first time I just got a chance to sit down and really go one on one with their coaches. Coach Orgeron is the kind of coach I want to play for. He said he would use me just like John Jerry. He told me he looked forward to having me back and to keep working on my grades. Coach Orgeron told me he would be like a father to me if I went there. And Coach Kehoe, we talked the day before Jr Day. He went over everything that would take place for their Jr Day, but I did not know it would be like that. We all got into the locker room and broke it down and ran out on to the field. It made me feel like strapping it on. I felt already like I was apart of their team. Then we went and watched their highlight tape. The first thing it read was do you want to be a Rebel? The music came on and it started showing their highlights. All of the coaches starting getting all fired up and it got all of us fired up. I told them right there I wanted to be a Rebel. The Rebels are definitely at the top now."

One of the current Ole Miss players also had a chance to talk with Jermarcus.

"Marcus Tillman pulled me over to the side. He told me that he would show me the ropes and take me under his wings if I went to school there. That is a good boy right there. I just hope they offer me because I really want to go to school there."

The ride home gave Jermarcus and his teammates a little time to discuss what took place at Ole Miss' Jr Day.

"When we got back on the bus, we talked about all of us going to Ole Miss and making it just like a big South Panola. They already got a lot of our old teammates over there, so we could really give it that South Panola flavor. John (Jerry) talked to me and Quinn Sanford at Walmart the other day. He told us we needed to go ahead and go over there. I would love to get to play with all of them again."

A couple more SEC schools have begun to take notice in Jermarcus too.

"I got invited to Auburn's and Alabama's Jr Day too. I got a text message from Florida today. He said he liked my film and was coming to see me. Coach Davis from Alabama has been calling a lot too."

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