Sanford talks about Jr Day at Ole Miss

Quinn Sanford (OL, South Panola, MS) - One of the top linemen in the state received a scholarship offer from Ole Miss last week and then took in an unofficial visit to the University of Mississippi's Jr Day.

"It was straight," added the always personable Quinn Sanford. "I liked it."

Although Sanford lives just 18 miles from Oxford; he was not very familiar with the program.

"I did not know that much about Ole Miss, but they have a good program and great facilities. They have a tight program. One of the top players in the country committed to them (Bernard Smith) while we were on our visit. They recruit really good at Ole Miss."

The Ole Miss coaches had one message for Quinn.

"They told me I did not need to sign anywhere else, that they needed me to be a Rebel."

Sanford liked what he saw from the film session.

"They play with so much emotion. They come ready to play. They play real physical. Their coaches have a lot of energy too, especially Coach Wilson. He is a cool cat. Coach Art Kehoe was all fired up too. They all were. They opened up a light in my eyes. I can really see myself playing for them but I still have MSU in the lead. The gap has been narrowed though. When they told me about having 17 freshmen playing last year, that really caught my ear. I was like man, that could be me."

A couple more SEC schools are still in the hunt too.

"Florida has been calling a lot lately. They asked me if I would leave Mississippi, and I told them it all depends. He said he was going to be at my Spring game and that they needed me. Coach Davis from Alabama calls all of the time too. We talk a lot, a whole lot."

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