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Cecil Frison "took one for the team" last year by playing on the defensive line, but the redshirt freshman's heart was always on giving tight end a try. He'll get that chance this spring. Read about it inside.

When Cecil Frison signed with Ole Miss last year out of Hamilton HS in Memphis, TN, it was suggested he would get a shot at the tight end slot.

But when Frison got to Ole Miss, the team needed more defensive linemen. Knowing he would probably redshirt no matter where he played, he obliged the coaches' request to fill a gap on the DL.

"I was fine with playing defensive tackle, but I want to play tight end," said Frison. "I feel great about the move. I feel tight end is my best position and to my advantage.

"I approached Coach O after the season and asked him if I could try tight end in the spring and he said he had no problem with that. I was happy about it."

Cecil believes he brings a physical presence to the tight end slot.

"I think I bring toughness to the position, and the will to succeed," he said.

Cecil has been working hard on his body in the offseason and it's paid off in the form of 22 added poounds to his 6-3 frame.

"I weighed 230 most of last year, but now I'm up to 252 pounds and I feel good about the weight gain," he continued. "Coach (Aaron) Ausmus has done a great job with me. He had a plan and I followed it - lifting weights, eating a lot, taking protein. It's working.

"I have not only been able to maintain my speed with the extra weight, I have gained some explosiveness. I feel more powerful when I run. Today, I maxed out in the power clean at 290 pounds and did 400 in the squat. Those are my best maxes ever. I'm a lot stronger now than when I came here last summer."

Cecil learned quickly last year that hard work is the key to success on the collegiate level.

"Everyone is good on this level. It comes down to how tough you are and how much you work. You have to be tough to play in this league. It gets dirty in the trenches and you have to be a man," he noted.

Now Cecil is faced with learning a new position, but since he played it in high school, it's not completely foreign to him.

"My adjustment will be learning the plays, the routes and the techniques of playing tight end on this level," he explained. "Sometimes I fall back on my defensive mentality. I have to break out of that. I still know how to do some TE things, like pass protection and run blocking. The steps are different than they were in high school, but I have the basics of it."

Frison evaluates his hands, for now, as "average."

"I'm doing OK with my hands, but they can certainly get better. I'm anxious to work on that aspect of my game," he closed.

Frison will be competing for playing time at TE this spring with seniors Robert Lane and Robert Hough, converted OL David Traxler and converted QB Billy Tapp.

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