'I almost committed on my visit'

Ramon Blakeney (LB, Laurel, MS) - Many are pointing Mr. Blakeney's way when discussing the top '08 LB prospect out of Mississippi. Why?

"I pursue to the ball well," added the 6' 3", 205 pound linebacker with reportedly 4.5 speed. "I read the keys well and just go make the play."

Ramon had 138 tackles, 7 sacks, 3 int's, and 4 forced fumbles for the '05 campaign. He was named the District 5(4A) MVP for his play on the field.

"I think I had my best season yet," added Ramon Blakeney. "Next year I want to work on getting faster and being more explosive."

Blakeney had a chance to take in Ole Miss' Jr Day on Saturday and came away impressed.

"It went great for my family. My mother, sister, and father came with me. That is where they want me to go. They like their football and physical therapy program and the way they do things around there."

Did Blakeney learn anything new about Ole Miss during his trip?

"Not really, I have already been up to a few of their games. I just like the way they run their defense. They like to blitz a lot. I also like their coaches. They are always fired up about the game of football. I play with a lot of emotion, so we have a lot in common."

What did the coaches at Ole Miss tell Blakeney?

"They told me they were ready to have me up there. They offered me during the season. I gave it some thought to go ahead and commit during my visit, but I decided to look at a couple of more schools before doing it."

Where else would Ramon like to visit?

"I would like to go see Auburn, USM, and Florida."

Why Auburn?

"They like to run the 4-3 defense and blitz a lot like Ole Miss. That is basically why I like USM, Auburn, and Florida."

What will Blakeney look for while he is on his visits?

"I will look at their academics, really. Who has the best physical therapy program? I will also look at their coaches and what type of defense they run."


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