'I did not know Ole Miss was like that'

Chris Jordan (LB, Brentwood, TN) - It is too early to get an accurate account on who the top prospect will be in Tennessee next year, but when the topic comes up, Brentwood Academy's star tailback's name usually comes up

But if it were not for his mother's new job, Jordan's name would have been mentioned with another state.

"I did not move over here (Brentwood) until last summer. My mom got a better job so we moved from Georgia. I played at Norcross High until this year. I guess you can say I am a transplant," stated a chuckling and very personable Chris Jordan.

Jordan burst on to the Georgia scene when he rushed as a sophomore.. Chris had already started to receive scholarship offers from the likes of Auburn, Tennessee, and Georgia at the start of his junior season.

"That kind of opened my eyes. I was a little bit in awe of getting some great offers so early, but I wanted to prove everyone that I was the read deal."

The 6' 2", 208 pounder rushed for 487 yards and 5 TD's but had a season ending injury during t game five.

"That was really disappointing because I was off to a great start. I wanted to prove everyone around here that I could be one of the best in Tennessee too. But hopefully next season I can redeem myself."

What are Jordan's strengths on the field?

"Exploding through the holes and running over my opponent. I am not much of a cutter, but I will cut when it is necessary. I want to work on my agility next year because I consider myself a powerback"

The injury that Chris received this past season has not slowed down the college recruiters.

"Ole Miss actually offered me a couple of weeks after I got hurt. Clemson offered me after that. Vandy has offered, and Georgia, Tennessee, and Auburn all have given me written offers."

Has Chris begun to composite his schools of choice?

"Ole Miss is the main one right now because of how hard they are recruiting me. They want me really badly. I just got in from their Jr Day on Saturday, and I liked it a lot. I like how they coach and carry themselves. They keep everybody pumped up, and they have really nice facilities. And Coach Freeze, we just kind of hit it off right from the start."

Chris' father had a chance to take in the Ole Miss visit with Jordan.

"He liked it. But I live with my mother, so I rarely see him. It would have been better if my mom would have come. She is going to be the one helping me make my decision."

Chris had other visions of Oxford and Ole Miss before he came on the trip.

"On my way down there, I did not think it would be that great. I was just going over there because they were recruiting me so hard and I liked their coaches. But then when I got there, I saw their campus and it was just so pretty and laid back. Then when we saw their training facilities and indoor complex, it all just kind of took me by surprise. I did not know Ole Miss was like that."

What other colleges are in the picture?

"I have not really been talking to anymore colleges. I did talk to Alabama this past week, but they did not say anything too exciting."

Will Chris be attending anymore Jr Days this Spring?

"I am going to try and go down to Auburn. They gave me my first offer. I want to go down there for their Jr Day."

"What else has Jordan interested in Auburn?

"They have shown me a lot of interest too, and Auburn and Brentwood Academy have this thing going. Lots of players from around here go to Auburn. You never know they could blow me away like Ole Miss did. We will just have to wait and see."

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