Will all three Tillman's stay together?

Josh Tillman (DE, Franklin County, MS) - Many people are familiar with the Tillman brothers of Marcus and little brother Bo.

Now most are getting familiar with their first cousin, Josh Tillman.

Josh was one of the main components to Franklin County's defense and helped them to a 14-1 finish and a Class 3A State Championship.

He finished the season with 80 tackles, 9 sacks, and 12 tackles for losses.

"I was named 1st Team All-State (Class3A) and 1st Team All-District. In the championship game, I had 10 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 pass deflections against Nettleton," stated Josh Tillman.

What are Tillman's strengths on the field?

"My work ethic is the biggest thing. I practice as hard as I can every snap. Practice really makes you a better player. It makes me mad when I see people loafing around at practice. I get on their butts pretty good. I consider myself a good team leader. When the chips are down, that is when I am trying to get everybody up. I try to be a leader more than anything."

Which colleges are recruiting the 6' 3", 240 pounder with reportedly 4.7 speed?

"Ole Miss offered me a scholarship. MSU, Alabama, Auburn, and LSU are all pretty serious with me too."

When did the Rebels offer?

"This past weekend. I went to their Jr Day on Saturday."

Was this Josh's first visit to Ole Miss?

"No, I have been up there 6 or 7 times. My cousin, Marcus Tillman, plays for them. We go up there a lot to see him play and things like that."

What new did Tillman learn about Ole Miss on this trip?

"Their academics. They really stressed how important it is for us to qualify and get our degree."

What stood out during Jr Day?

"Their weight program, practice facilities, and how much they care about their players getting an education."

Did Josh get a chance to talk to the coaches?

"I spoke with Coaches Orgeron and Nielsen. They were just excited to see me. They let me know that Ole Miss will play their best players regardless if they are a freshman or a senior. They do not sit their best players on the bench because of seniority or things like that. They told me I was a great player, and I could make an impact on their team my freshman year like Marcus did. Coach Orgeron told me that he envisioned having all three Tillmans playing on the defensive line at the same time. He said he was going to do his best to make sure that happens."

Does Josh consider that an important factor to be able to play with his other two cousins?

"That is a big factor, real big for me. We all three want to play together, but if it is not in the cards for us to do so, then we will just have to make the best out of it. But Marcus is already there, and I know me and Bo really like Ole Miss a lot. Ole Miss is going to be hard to beat out. They are going to be in the hunt for me no matter what. I like how aggressive their coaches are up there. They have so much energy and keep everyone up. They are not just for show. They are all like that. All the way from the head coach down to their assistants. I have been up there enough to know if it is for real or just some act so they can put on a show in front of the recruits. I can tell you from first hand experience it is for real."

Who else is in the picture of Josh?

"I have been down to LSU a few times. They have a great campus. I got to meet Coach Miles and Henson when they were recruiting Marcus. I went with Marcus on his official visit, so I got to really get a good look at their campus then. They have a great football program and good academics."

Anybody else?

"I want to go down to Auburn for their Jr Day. They invited me, and I think I am going to go. They are pretty much the same as LSU. They have a great football program. I just know their background as a football program, but I have not checked out their campus or faculties. Hopefully I will be able to do that at Jr Day. Those three schools are pretty much the main ones right now."

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