Desmond Johnon will be one to watch

Desmond Johnson (RB, Yazoo City, MS) - Mississippi's leading rusher returns this season and is looking for even bigger and better things.

"I want to work on my speed this year," added Desmond Johnson. I am already fast, but I want to get faster than I am now. I want quick feet too. I want to get my footwork better. If I do that, I think I can run for over 3,000 yards this year."

That sounds like some lofty goals, but when you consider the 6' 0", 185 pounder rushed for over 2, 500 yards and 33 TD's as a junior, it is not unimaginable."

"I was actually hurt a little last year. I missed a few quarters. Again, if I stay healthy, and work on my speed, I think 3,000 yards is a realistic goal, so is winning the state championship."

Johnson rushed for over 1, 500 yards as a sophomore and was named the Player of the Year in his Region by Taco Bell and Power 107. This past season, Desmond was named the Delta Touchdown Player of the Year, MVP for District 3(4A), and was a 2nd Team All-State pick by the Clarion Ledger.

Which colleges are after this talented youngster?

"I am getting letters from Auburn, Ole Miss, MSU, Clemson, Miami, Georgia, and Florida."

Who is coming after Desmond the hardest?

"Ole Miss and LSU are sending me more letters, but I want to say MSU and Ole Miss because I get letters from them back to back almost everyday."

Has Desmond attended any Jr Days?

"I went to Ole Miss' with my mother and grandmother last Saturday."

How did it go?

"It went well. I liked it. I had fun. I looked around their weight room, indoor facility, and we had a chance to walk on the field and do a chant. I saw the cafeteria and all of that. I stayed mostly in the weight room and indoor facility though."

Was this Desmond's first visit to Ole Miss?

"I went with my high school on a field trip to see the campus, but I did not get to see the football stuff."

What did Johnson's grandmother and mother think about Ole Miss during their trip?

"They liked it too, especially my mom. She said she liked the teachers and coaches a lot. She really likes Ole Miss a lot."

What did Desmond enjoy the most during his trip?

"Walking on the field and just looking around the stadium and their locker room too."

Johnson had a chance to talk to the Ole Miss coaches.

"The head coach and their running back coach told me I was a great RB. They liked my style. They told me they looked forward to me coming back. They just liked my running style mainly. But they really stressed to me that I needed to stay on top of my grades."

Where does Desmond go next?

"I was going to go to Alabama's (Jr Day), but it was on the same day as Ole Miss'. It was more important to go to Ole Miss because they are closer to offering me. Alabama sent me an invite to their Jr day with three tickets to see them play Auburn in basketball. I really do not know where I am going next."

What does Johnson think about Mississippi's other SEC representative, MSU?

"I like everything about MSU. The field, the coaches, the teachers."

How many times has Desmond had a chance to visit MSU?

"One time. I went to their 7 on 7 camp last summer. We looked around while we were there."

Who else does Desmond like?

"LSU and Florida. I have not visited them yet, but they have caught my attention. Florida sends a lot of pictures to me, and LSU has been sending me poems about their program. Like, 'always walk with your head up' and stuff like that. They are nice poems though. That caught my attention."

What will be the important factors when it comes decision time?

"Their academic program and how their people are. But mainly, I will look at my competition at my position. Did they just sign another great RB last year? How many great RB's do they have that are young? I will go where they need me the most."

Desmond claims a 2.4 GPA and will take the ACT test in April.

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