West Point standout takes in OM Jr Day

Quartney Cox (OL, West Point, MS) - The Green Wave have been one of the elite teams in Class 4A the past few seasons.

One of the big reasons why is their ground game. Last season, running back Jamar Shelton gained all of the pub for the success from their running attack, but the hogs up front must not be forgotten.

And the main cog that stirred the engine for the Greenwave's line is not your biggest fellow in the world (6' 2 1/2", 255), but he is their most explosive.

"I think my quickness and explosion offset my size. I know I do not have the size to hang with the big boys, but I have the quickness and explosion to do what I have to d. And there are not too many people who can pull like I can," added Quartney Cox.

Quartney had 34 pancake blocks his junior season at the offensive tackle position.

"I did alright. I could have done better personally. I did better than any season before. I played my main position and got a lot of post season awards."

Cox was named to the Tupelo Journal's All-Area team and was named 2nd Team All-State in Class 4A for his play on the field.

Although Cox considers offensive tackle as his "main position" he realizes that another spot will be waiting on him for the next level.

"I will play offensive guard. I am real good at pull blocking, and I am not tall or big enough to play on the edge, so they like me at guard."

Who are the main colleges that are looking at Quartney?

"The main ones are MSU, Ole Miss, and Auburn. They are recruiting me the hardest. MSU has offered me a scholarship, and I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day last Saturday. I plan on attending MSU and AU's Jr Days too."

How did the Ole Miss visit go?

"I liked what I seen. I got to meet a lot of prospects from around here. It was fun seeing all of the guys. It made my interest go up with Ole Miss. I will put it like that."

What did Cox enjoy the most during his trip?

"The concern they put towards education and the concern for us to graduate. When they put us with our position coaches; I saw they ran their offense like we do. That is what I really liked about it."

The coaches also stood out for Quartney.

"Yea, I spoke with Coaches Wilson, Orgeron, and Kehoe. All three of them are like my coaches down here. They are real into it and all of that. They keep you hyped up."

Was this Quartney's first trip to Ole Miss?

"We played in a jamboree up here last summer, and I have been up there a few times with a friend of mine, but I had never toured the facilities or anything. That is what surprised me the most, was how big everything is around here."

What was Cox focusing on when he went on the visit and what did he learn?

"I was looking at their coaches, campus, and education. I wanted to see the genral atmosphere and what the coaches are like. I also wanted to check out the students outside of the football program. Really, the football program was the last thing on my mind. I learned that the atmosphere is down to earth. The students there are real laid back. I could relate to them about the stories they told me because one of my boys (Thomas Eckers) goes there. He takes me up there sometimes. I like it. Thomas has pretty much told me how it is up there, and he told me he would take me under his wings if I went to school there. The coaches, like I said, are very enthusiastic. They talk football like we do down here, but they stress education a lot too. I liked that. The campus, I loved the campus. It is the prettiest campus I have seen so far.. Hopefully during the visit process, I will get to see a lot more. But their campus is not too big or too small. It is just what I need, just what I am looking for."

What are MSU's positives?

"The fact that they offered me a scholarship, and I probably would have to say their education too. They graduate a lot of their players, and they try hard to compete in the SEC. They might not win a lot, but they give it their all. That is all you can ask for, 100%, and that is what you are going to get out of MSU. That is what stands out the most to me."

And Auburn?

"I have not been to their campus, but I plan to go to their Jr Day on March 17th. They compete in the SEC. I like that. I plan on going to see what it is all about. I do not know much yet, other than they compete and win in the SEC."

Quartney claims a 2.7 Core GPA / 21 ACT.

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