"The future" for Rebs at PG speaks

Christopher Warren (PG, Orlando, FL) - The Ole Miss signee was ever so close to winning the Class 6A state championship this season.

"We lost a good one to Ely 80-77. It just came down to who had the ball last. We thought we were going to pull it out, but they hit a 3 pointer with a couple of seconds left," added a dejected Christopher Warren.

As bad as the lost was, it could have been Chris' best game yet.

"I think I ended up with 38 points, 11 assists, 5 steals, and 4 rebounds, but we lost, so all of that really does not matter."

It is that type of attitude and ability that the Rebs are looking for to take over the reins for Todd Abernethy next season.

"A lot of people ask me if I feel any pressure being so young and taking over the point guard position, hopefully, at Ole Miss next season. I tell them that I look forward to the challenge. I grew up leading teams and putting them on my shoulder. The SEC is a great conference, a very competitive conference, but I can not wait to get started."

Warren is ready to get to the next level but there are two things he can say his team accomplished that no other Dr. Phillips' squad ever did.

"We set a school record with 17 straight wins, and we were the first team to ever make it to the Finals. They had made it to the Final 4 two other times but never the finals."

What did Warren average for the season?

"I averaged 23.9 points, 7 assists, 4.5 steals, and 4 rebounds."

Coach Kennedy has stated that he is looking for players with "cat like" hands, by that, we are talking about prospects who have the knack of making the big steal, ala Clarence Sanders.

"Yea, Coach K (Kennedy) always tells me that he loves my quick hands. I have led our conference in steals all three years."

The state awards have not been given out yet but Chris has been nominated as one of the three players for Mr. Basketball in the state of Florida.

"That would be the highest honor yet for me, but I am not really worried about all of that. I would rather have that ring."

Christopher also brings a shooter's touch to the table as he averaged 82% from the free throw line and 33% from 3 point land.

"I still want to work on my shooting some more, especially from the outside. That and team leadership. I know I will be the young one around, and I am not that talkative to begin with, so I will have to lead by example."

Warren had a chance to attend the Ole Miss/Florida game that was held at the University of Florida.

"People around our section were staring at me because I was jumping up and down the whole game rooting for Ole Miss. I had my Ole Miss jersey on. It was kind of funny. I know their guards are leaving town and hopefully I will be counted on to take over. I also know they like to get up and down the court, but they are really about to push it. That is my biggest strength is my speed and ball handling skills. I am always the first one down the court. When I watch them play on TV, they got a few run outs and ran it quite a few times, but I plan on really running it. Coach Kennedy has turned that program around. They use to walk the ball up the court with their old coach. I like to run though, and so does Coach K. He wants a fast paced game, and I like to create a fast pace, so we can continue to be a fast paced team. That will be good."

What are Chris' thoughts on Ole Miss' season from worst to first?

"That is why I signed with Ole Miss. I had complete faith in Coach K. I knew what he could do. Look what he did in just one season at Ole Miss. He is a great coach, and I can not wait to play for him. They proved a lot of people wrong this year. Those senior guards have a lot to be proud of. They can hold their head up high no matter what happens from here on out. They got that program going again, and I plan to carry the torch."

Warren has had a chance to keep up with another signee of Ole Miss'.

"Me and Zach Graham talk a lot. He is a cool guy and can really hoop. We have been competing against each other in AAU for a long time. He can push it too and shoot it square. The boy has game."

Has Christopher set any freshman goals?

"Not numbers, but I want to be one of the better players in the league next year and hopefully win the SEC and get to the Final 4. I know everybody is nervous about a freshman coming in at point guard and taking over because they say you can only go as far as your guards take you, but it is not like we do not have our big guys coming back. All of them will be back, and David (Huertas) has some playing experience from Florida, and Eniel (Polynice) got a lot of experience this year. I think we are going to shock some people next year. I look for us to go a long/long ways."

In the end, why did Warren select Ole Miss?

'It is a great conference, and I feel I can achieve more at Ole Miss. He wants a PG who can run, and I can run and everybody seems cool around there, so that is where I signed."

Chris claims a 3.2 Core GPA / 880 SAT (old format).

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