Arceto Clark enjoys Ole Miss' Jr Day

Arceto Clark (WR, Shannon, MS) - Darrius Young was a well known commodity last season, but Shannon also had another big time WR that was rising through the ranks, as Clark caught 56 passes for 1, 090 yards and was named Offensive MVP for Division 4(4A) for his play on the field.

"I think I got a lot faster," added the 5' 10 1/2" 160 pound Arceto Clark. "And I definitely got a lot more passes thrown my way (laugh)."

Although Darrius and Arceto both wanted the ball, it did not cause any dissension amongst the two.

"Honestly, I just try to be like Darrius. He is the best player I have ever played against or with. He is like a brother to me."

It is that type of attitude and skills that has a few colleges already holding a scholarship offer for the All-State performer.

"MSU offered me at the end of the year. Ole Miss offered me during basketball season, and Clemson offered me recently too."

Clark had a chance to take in Ole Miss' Jr Day two Saturday's ago.

"My step mother came with me. She enjoyed it. Ole Miss had a lot of energy at their Jr Day. All of their coaches are real energetic. They stay positive all of the time. I liked their facilities. They are very nice."

The coaches at Ole Miss made the biggest impression.

"What stood out the most to me was how the coaches acted. I like their attitude. I like how pumped up they are all of the time. I play with a lot of energy, so our personalities match. I also loved running out of the tunnel doing their chant like it was game day. That was a lot of fun."

Any lasting impressions?

"I also like how they are moving forward. That is what I liked about them."

Clark plans on attending another Jr Day this month.

"I am going to MSU on March 24th."

What stands out about the Dogs?

"I think their campus is nice. I have been down there a few times. They have a good school down there."

Anybody else showing Arceto much love?

"Auburn has been writing me a lot lately, but that is about it. Them, Clemson, MSU, and Ole Miss. Those are the main four schools right now."

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