'Ole Miss offered me this morning'

Ricky Holloway (LB, Somerville, TN) - The state of Tennessee is loaded with linebackers this year and one of the standouts at this position preps at Fayette Ware.

"I made All-Sate, District, and Region this past season," added Ricky Holloway. Our team went 8-3 and made it to the playoffs for the first time in no telling how long. We were 0-29 before Coach (Tim) Thompson got here. Then last year we won 4 games and this year we won 8. Everybody is looking for us to do big things next year."

The 6' 2", 225 pound outside linebacker had 81 tackles, 10 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 4 recovered fumbles as a junior.

What are his strengths?

"I got speed like a DB, size like a big dog, and strength like a DL. I guess you roll all of that up, and that is what you get in me. I take hits, make hits, and try to outwork my opponent."

Anything Holloway is trying to work on?

"Mostly my speed. My cousin wants me to get it down to a 4.5 to a 4.4. I work hard in the weight room, but I need to work even harder. I want to get my power clean and squat better. I also want to keep up my grades."

Ricky received his 5th SEC scholarship offer this morning.

"Ole Miss watched my film this morning and offered me a scholarship. Coach (Tim) Thompson told me to weigh my options. He does not want me to jump on it real quick because Tennessee, Arkansas, GA, and MSU have offered me too. He wants me to see what the best offer is for me and my family."

Any Jr Day visits this spring?

"I went to Ole Miss' last Saturday. I am going to MSU on March 24th, Tennessee on March 31st, and Arkansas wants me to come to their Jr Day. I will have a real busy schedule ahead of me. Some of them are even held on the same days, so I will not be able to go to all of them."

How did Ricky's experience at Ole Miss go?

"It was nice. Coaches Orgeron and Freeze were waiting on me in the parking lot. They were happy to see me. They told us a lot about our grades and what we need to do to improve. They showed us their facilities and we watched film. It was nice. I told them I would be back for an official visit, and they said that would be nice. I know I am going to a lot of camps this summer. I will be going back to Ole Miss'."

What stood out the most during the visit?

"I would have to say their weight room. It was pretty big and real nice. They like to work out a lot there too."

What stands out about Tennessee?

"Mostly because it's instate and close to my family. That way they can come and see me play. Their faculty has been talking to me a lot. Coaches Roper and Chief (DC); we talk a lot."

And Arkansas?

"When I went to their summer camp, they took me and my coach up to the skybox. Coach Nutt wanted me to commit right them and there, but my coach wants me to go to the school that their defense fits me the best, so I have to watch some film on them and see what is the best fit for me."

What about Mississippi State?

"They offered me right after signing day. Coach Stringer called and offered me. He recruited my teammate, Wade Bonner. He put it on the table. Like
I have told everybody else, I said thank you, but I am interested in all of the colleges right now."

When did Georgia get into the game?

"First, they called my coach. I guess they just already knew my coach or something because then they called me and offered without even seeing film on me. I was like, you have not even seen film on me and you are offering me? They told me that they trusted my coach's opinion. They want me to come to their Jr Day and their camp. I am already saving my money to go to it right now."

When it does come decision time; what will be the main factors?

"I do not want to go anywhere where you sign and they just throw you to the side. I want them to be there for my family and really get to know me. I talk to Coach Stringer (at MSU). He calls almost every day. Every time I look on caller ID, it is Coach Stringer. And I talk to Coach Freeze (at Ole Miss) a lot too. We talk pretty much every every day. I talk a lot with Coach Roper, but I have not spoken with Coach Fulmer in a couple of months. I do not know what is going on with that. But mainly, I do not plan on sitting for two years or anything like that. I want to go straight from high school to college and ready to roll."

Ricky claims a 2.8 GPA.

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