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Ole Miss Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron put the Rebels through their first scrimmage work of spring training today in the fifth day of the 15-day period. The rebels will take off for Spring Break and will resume practice Monday, March 19. Read about the workout inside.

The Ole Miss Rebels ended up the pre-spring break portion of spring training with what Coach Ed Orgeron called an "excellent" workout, which included some scrimmaging at the end of the session. Todya wa sthe Rebs' fifth practice of spring training.

"We started out with a lot of fundamental work and it was very, very good. We got a lot of needed work done on techniques and fundamentals," Orgeron began. "Toward the end, we scrimmaged a little bit and it was productive work.

"The defense started off really fast. The defensive line played really well at the beginning of the scrimmage. Jeremy Garrett, Kentrell Lockett and Marcus Tillman all played really well. Those guys are starting to show up a little bit. Also, Daverin Geralds is doing real well.

"Towards the second half of the scrimmage, the offense caught fire a little bit. Bruce Hall had some nice runs as did Cordera Eason. BenJarvus Green-Ellis broke a big run and so did Brent (Schaeffer), who had a big scramble for a touchdown. We caught a couple of good balls, but had a few misses too, which we hadn't been doing.

"Overall, considering this was the last practice before spring break, I was really proud of the focus and effort the team gave us. It was a fantastic practice."

O was asked if anyone is showing him something special in the secondary, which is fairly green at this time.

"Nothing jumps out at me, but Dustin Mouzon and Cassius Vaughn are doing a little better. We moved Kendrick Lewis to safety and he's having a good spring, but there are still things he has to learn," O noted. "Jamarca, of course, is doing well at strong safety."

He again mentioned David Traxler, who was moved from offensive line to tight end.

"That's been a good move for us. Excellent. He caught a big ball over the middle today and is blocking well. David is going to play a lot for us next year at tight end," Orgeron continued.

Orgeron's trademark - or what he desires in a Rebel team - is physicality. Hard-nosed football. Is he starting to see that more in his program?

"Yes, because our lines are getting better. We have physical play on our fronts with our first teams. There is a lot of dropoff between our starters and backups, but the first-teamers are getting more and more physical. Some of our freshmen have to come in and compete and help us with our depth, but yes, we are more physical than we have been," he assessed. "They understand a physical practice. And that's without one of our more physical players in Peria Jerry. We are making progress in being a more physical team."

In five practices, today was the second time he has mentioned Geralds. Is he a permanent DL? O says he is.

"Daverin is a hard worker, he got stronger in the weight room and his mobility is there," said O. "He's starting to understand how to play his techniques. At first we moved him there for depth reasons, but he's coming along well. He's going to stick there - he's not moving to offense now."

In Orgeron's pre-spring press conference, he stated the passing game - which everyone knows - has to get better. Is he seeing signs of that?

"I'm seeing improvement in the run game, and a little bit in the passing game, but we are not close to where we need to be yet," he explained. "Pass protection is fine, but the receivers and quarterbacks are still not on the same page yet. I see signs of it getting there. The short passing game is better. The movement of the QBs is better. The schemes are better, but we still have a way to go."

The team is off until March 19th, but the staff will work Monday and Tuesday reviewing the first five practices of spring. Then, the staff will take a couple of days off to catch their collective breath after grinding for the past few months without much break.

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