Kentucky TE takes in Ole Miss practice

Ryan Wallace (TE, Bowling Green, KY) - One of the country's top tight end prospects had a chance to stop by two SEC schools over the weekend.

"I went to Ole Miss on Friday and Saturday to Auburn for their Jr Day," added Ryan Wallace.

Did anyone accompany Ryan on his visits?

"My father came with me, and one of my teammates, D.L. Moore also came. D.L. is 6' 6" too. We have a lot of tall people from around here."

What was the 6' 6", 230 pound tight end's first impression of Ole Miss?

"I was kind of surprised. I have never been anywhere near there before. I did not know what to expect, but I really liked it. Their indoor facility is all new. They have state of the art football facilities."

Wallace got a chance to take in the Ole Miss practice and came away impressed.

"Their practices are real up tempo. They keep it loose, but they also keep you motivated where you do not slack off. Their campus was nice too."

The coaching staff had one message for Ryan.

"Coaches Orgeron and Freeze pretty much told me they needed me to come down there so I can play early. They are graduating both of their starting tight ends so they really need me. I also spoke to their offensive coordinator, and he told me they use their TE's a lot. Another thing that I like about Ole Miss is the fact that Coach Werner (OC) use to be the offensive coordinator at Miami when D.J. Shockey, Kelvin Winslow, and Greg Olson were there. His system is real tight end friendly."

The Rebels played as many as 17 freshmen last season and that also caught Wallace' attention.

"I really like the fact that they played a lot of freshmen and are real young. That probably stood out the most about them to me. Coach O (Orgeron) said they are about to get really good, and I trust him because of how many freshmen they played and how many were named freshmen all-American. They are about to be a real successful program when I get to college."

Ryan's father, who is also his head coach at Bowling Green, kept his eyes on one thing during the Ole Miss trip.

"I think he liked it because he likes their style of play. He spent a lot of time talking to Coach Kehoe, their offensive line coach. My father also coaches our offensive line, so they had a lot in common. I think that is pretty much all he paid attention to, their style of play and coaches."

Ole Miss has built up a lot of early commitments during the Orgeron era, was Ryan asked to commit?

"No sir, they told me they would not pressure me, and I really like that because I want to go around and see some other places. I am going to Georgia Tech on March 31st for their Jr Day. I just want to check out a few places before doing anything like that."

Wallace left the Ole Miss campus Saturday morning and headed to Auburn's Jr Day.

"Auburn was holding their second spring scrimmage. That was pretty nice getting to see that. I spoke with Coaches Ensminger and Dunn, and they said they were going to come see me in the Spring."

The Tiger's surroundings and school tradition is what caught Ryan's eye the most.

"We went out and ate Saturday night at this restaurant. Everybody was wearing their Auburn tee shirts and all of the stores had their Auburn paraphernalia in the window. It is pretty much a stereo type college town. They get a lot of support in that town. And what I really liked the most was their tradition. I mean once you walk into that place, you can tell they just expect you to win. It is kind of like our high school. They push and will you to win no matter what. I really liked that about Auburn."

Ryan also had a chance to visit Alabama on an unofficial visit earlier this year.

"Alabama and Auburn are almost identical. Just the way their coaches expect you to win, and Alabama is showing me a lot of interest. They did not have a practice going on, so I did not get to see them practice, but I did get to tour their facilities. Their stadium is unbelievable. They have really nice facilities down there."

Bama's tradition is what stood out the most to Wallace.

"When you walk into their sporting complex, you see all of the statues they have of the coaches who have won the national championship there. All of the memorabilia and prestige at Alabama is what really stood out to me."

Ryan is not done with his tour.

"I am going to a practice of Vandy's this Saturday. It is only 60 miles South of here, so our school has a real good relationship with their program. I know a lot of people who go to Vandy. And I will for sure go to a practice of Kentucky's sometime this Spring. They are so close to here. It is no big deal getting over there for a practice."

Anymore schools showing Wallace a lot of interest?

"Wake Forest has started recruiting me a lot harder lately. I might go check them out too."

Ryan is big, strong, and really talented. But if there is one thing that stands out the most to Wallace about his game, it is his knowledge of the game.

"With my father being the head coach and all, I have just grown up around the game. He has taught me so much about football. I just think that really gives me the edge."

Ryan had 22 catches for 325 yards as a junior but fell short of his ultimate goal.

"We have made it to the finals for two straight years but fell short each year. That is really in the back of our minds, and I think we are going to really use that as a motivation tool for us this year. We had 4 players to sign D1 scholarships last year, and we have like 5 more that are playing D1 right now. We have a lot of tradition over here. Hopefully we can add to it next season."

Wallace claims a 3.8 GPA / 25 ACT.

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