Memphis LB impressed with Rebs

Marlon Walls (LB, Wooddale, TN) - One of the standouts at linebacker in the State of Tennessee had a chance to take in Ole Miss' Jr Day.

What were his thoughts?

"That was probably like my third trip to Ole Miss. I love how they motivate you over there," added Marlon Walls. "I love how their staff keeps their team fired up. I want to play with a staff like that. Plus they have a good recruiting class coming in so they will be good when I get up there. I am real cool with their LB coach too."

The energy that the Ole Miss staff brings to the table was the thing that stood out the most for Walls..

"I just love how motivated they keep you. They love the game. They are just so energized. I am a hyped type of person anyway, so I love to be pumped up. I love their energy over there."

Who are the other schools that are at the top of Walls' list?

"Auburn, Alabama, Florida, and I have been talking to a coach from Colorado a lot lately. Memphis too."

Any offers?

"The only official offers I have so far are Auburn, Ole Miss, Memphis, and Alabama."

Anymore Jr Day trips on the horizon?

"I am going to Auburn on March 17th."

What stands out about the War Eagles?

"I talk to Coach Price all of the time. We have a good relationship. Their defense plays with a lot of energy, and they play really aggressive. They fly to the ball. They play a speed type of defense. I would fit in real well in a defense like that."

What does the 6' 4", 215 pound Wooddale product like about Alabama?

"They bring in another energy level to the game. They know plenty of pro scouts too. They are going to turn that program around. I like the way Coach Saban coaches."

And Florida?

"We talk but not too much. They loved playing the underdog this year. They had something to prove and did it. They play with a lot of team spirit and play as a team. Like I said, I love to play with a lot of emotion so I am looking for a team that does too."

What about Colorado?

"I do not know too much about them. I know they are real interested in me though. Their LB coach is real cool. It is far from home, but I am just weighing my options. We will see what comes through."

What are Memphis' positives?

"Me and Coach Ingram have a good thing going. He knows my family real well. We keep it real. We have a good relationship going on."

When it comes decision; a few factors will stand above others.

"I want to go to who I am the most closest to and needs me to come in and play. Who is going to give me the opportunity to make an impact as a freshman? And which staff knows me the best? That is where I am going."

Marlon made 52 solo tackles as a junior and also reeled in 15 passes and 5 TD's at tight end, but defensive is where he sees himself playing on the next level.

"My speed and height give me the ability to cover really well and make the big hit. I think I can go further at LB than TE. Plus, I enjoy LB more because it is defense. I feel like nothing is better than playing LB. I am a more aggressive type of person. I want to be doing the hitting."

Walls has made several preseason Top 100 national list, but has stayed level headed.

"I have someone to draw from in Roderick Davis. We are partners. Roderick stayed away from all of that stuff. He just stayed away from the spotlight and did his thing. That is what I am going to do."

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