'Ole Miss is closest to offering me'

Bud Barksdale (CB, South Panola, MS) - Everyone is familiar with Bud's first cousin, Darius Barksdale, but make no bones about it both Barksdales will make a lot of noise on the next level.

"I do not get into all of that comparing stuff between us," added the always humble and quiet Bud Barksdale. "I just do my thing and he does his. We both just try to pick each other up. We are brothers."

It is that close friendship on and off the field that has helped the Tigers to a 60 game winning streak and 4 straight Class 5A State Championships.

"I think we just feed off of each other. When he does something good, I want to do something even better. And he does too. We like to compete against each other, but not in a selfish way. We just like to win."

Bud's senior season saw him collect 48 tackles, 28 pass breakups, and 6 interceptions at corner. He was named 2nd Team All-State for his play on the field.

When asked what were his personal highlights for the season, Bud replied,

"I scored a 94 yard punt return against Clarksdale. Against Moss Point, I got five of my teeth knocked out, but I stayed in the game and had 7 pass breakups. Against Columbus, I had an interception return for a 67 yard TD. Against Grenada, I was named Defensive Player of the Game. I had one interception and was awarded the "Big Hit" for the game. Against Tupelo, I got the "Big Hit" award of that game too and had 3 pass breakups. And in the state championship game, on my first carry as a tailback, I took it 64 yards for a TD. I also had 2 pass breakups but I got hurt and had to miss the remainder of the game."

Bud had a chance to take in Ole Miss' Jr Day but had to leave early to help his mother out.

"It was straight. I stayed until we broke into groups because I had to leave to take care of a situation at home, but it was fun being there. I grew up liking Ole Miss and going to their games, so it is always fun when I go over there. Plus, a lot of my boys play over there, so I get over there a lot to go hang out with them."

What was the highlight of Barksdale's trip?

"I liked how they told us the importance of keeping our grades up and talking about how important things like school are. It is not all about football with them. They really want you to get your education over there."

Will Bud take in anymore Jr Days?

"I was thinking about going over to MSU this weekend, but I am still just thinking about it."

Bud has yet to receive a formal scholarship offer. Who does he think is closest to offering?

"Ole Miss. I think they are getting pretty close. We talk a lot and stuff. I just like the way they talk to me."

Who else is showing Bud a lot of interest?

"MSU has been talking to me. Alabama and Florida have too."

Who else has caught Barksdale's attention?

"Alabama, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Memphis, and Florida."

What stands out about each school?

Florida - "I love Florida. I have always liked them too."

Alabama - "I like their players, their team. I just like how they play."

A&M - "I like how they play too."

Tennessee - "I have been liking them too since I was young. I have always wanted to got to Tennessee."

Memphis - "I like the way they play. They have a great team."

When deciding on a college, Bud will look at one thing.

"I just want to go somewhere I want to go and not some place where I have to go."

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